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Why we must go Green

Over the past 50 years the world's economy has gone global. And this has certain advantages. Thus the USA can produce all its food by only using 2% of its work force. This is a fantastic result. But this advantage does come at a cost. Thus this system causes a large amount of pollution and also uses a large amount of land and water. And, as a result, our world is losing its great variety of flora and fauna. This system also causes all nations to be dependent on each other for their food. So, if this global system should break down, we shall all perish.
            Now our final colony in space certainly can't use this wonderful global system. So we won't be able do all our agriculture using only 2% of our workforce, because we won't be able to use those huge machines that obtain this result. But we can do our agriculture in less than 10% of our time. So this will be acceptable.

Out in space we will be forced to do everything ourselves. And all our supporting communities must do the same thing. So we must all re-learn how small communities can become self-sufficient in food again.

But there are also huge advantages in a community becoming self-sufficient in food. First there are three good physical reasons. These are:
1)          A community can recycle absolutely all its waste organic products back into their ground very easily. So the community should not need any extra fertiliser. This is not possible in a global food system because the distances are far too great.
2)          The community's food will be much fresher and healthier. Also there will be very little need for refrigeration.
3)          There will be very little need for transportation because people will just eat their own home-grown food where they are.
Besides these simple physical advantages, there are four more advantages, which help this small community to function better. These are:
4)          These green communities will be much safer because they will not need to rely on the outside world for their basic food.
5)          These communities' members will be safer because, if they lose their outside jobs, then they can always be employed in producing their own food.
6)          "Growing their own food" will provide all the community members with some healthy physical outside exercise.
7)          It is very healthy for all children to learn where their food comes from, and how much work is involved in this total process. And our children can join in some of the simple jobs like picking the fruit.

So there are many good reasons for being self-sufficient in food. But a community cannot be self-sufficient in food unless they are self-sufficient in water as well. So water must be included in this self-sufficiency. Fortunately now a community can relatively easily become self-sufficient in energy by using PV panels. So energy should be included in this self-sufficiency and then this community can irrigate their crops when they need to. Thus this means our communities must all be self-sufficient food, water and energy.
            But if we are thinking of life in space then we must recycle everything we use. Also we can't afford to use too much material in space to support ourselves. And this means we must be very efficient in the resources used to grow our food. And these two facts imply we must become incredibly "green" because we cannot pollute at all and we cannot use much land.
            I explain these details more fully in my webpage "The Fundamental Problems which we must Overcome". Then the webpage "The Free-Time our Communities will Generate" explains how these problems can be overcome. (And all the other webpages explain these details with respect to each type of community.) When you have studied the full situation for a long time, you will eventually come to the conclusion that we all should create communities, which are self-sufficient in food, water and energy. So please be patient and keep reading and studying all the relevant facts about this complex subject.

But if we are stuck with being very "green", then we might as well make the most of the situation and become properly green. (And then we can boast and enjoy the full situation). And this means that we should support an equal amount of wildlife land right next to our community land. Because our population density will be so high, we will be able afford this extra land quite easily.


            How this will work out is shown in my webpage "A Related System of Wildlife Parks and States". This picture shows the situation a little.

I conclude these introductory items with a webpage called "Myself, Safety and Enjoyment".












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