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Why Create new Green Communities

This picture shows the four basic principles of the

Green Party. I am sure we all support them. But how

to implement them is a different manner. But this is

what I am trying to do in this very work.

What we all would like to do is, not to create new communities, but rather to change the current systems so that they are fairer to all people. That is definitely what we would prefer to do.
            But this is what we have been trying to do since the Greens party was started in 1992. This is the sensible thing to do. But unfortunately it has not been successful. Over this same period the rich have increased their ownership of Australia’s assets in a quite dramatic manner. And, unfortunately, there is a very practical reason why this should be the case.


I will now talk about the problems of our current situation - but our current problems have always appeared, in past decades, many times in very similar ways.
            Our tax laws have been gradually adjusted to favour the rich rather than the poor. We, the greens party, want to stop this (supported to some extent by the Labor party). But then our PM, Malcolm Turnbull, will sing-out loud and clear that the values of our real estate will drop. And, unfortunately, he is completely correct.
            In fact, the price of real estate dropping is precise ly what a good greens person like myself should actually want. Our young people could then start to buy their homes again exactly like us, the older generation, did 40 years ago. This would be wonderful. But trying to put this case to the majority of voters, with the Murdoch press screaming against us, will be exceedingly difficult. We should still keep trying – but we can’t really have any expectation of success - going on all past experience.


The fact of life is that reforming a society is a slightly dangerous operation. The very nature of our capitalistic systems is that recessions can occur very easily. After all, in a capitalist state, the rich people own all our companies who mostly give us our employment. If their rich owners are not receiving the wealth they think they are due, then they can simply close their companies down. All voters know this and they will be worried. When it comes to the crunch, most people will vote out any reform movement. And this is what we always see. I explain the reasons for this situation more fully in my webpage: The Difficulty of Reforming a Society. Reforming a society is always horribly hard.


So, instead, we need to show the world that we can create new small communities where all people are treated completely fairly. These communities might be small, but they can show the world that we don’t always have to live in a capitalistic, globalist manner. So, please remember this, when you are reading about the communities I am proposing. I know that working out how a new, fair system should work will be a difficult task. But we ought to try and keep persevering at this subject. The good future of our children and grand-children could depend on us doing this very work.


{I do actually provide another alternative, which means we can still live using all our current buildings and facilities (but still create a very different form of just village government). This is described in my webpage: A Safe Village Governmental Element – Should Disaster Strike. But I need to develop more pictures to describe this idea in a clearer fashion.}



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Updated on 17/11/2016.