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Town Centres

This is a detailed picture of our town-centre facilities.


As you can see, our town centre uses the area of the state's two village regions. So this centre is 1.25 km wide, 2.5 km long and it takes just 3% of the state's total area. This ratio seems to give a reasonable balance. In general I put the normal town facilities in the top half of the centre and the manufacture and free-time facilities in the bottom half.
            There will be an oblong-circular underground transport system with stations beneath all the major buildings (shown by the red spots). And this system will connect up with all the village centre stations (also shown by red dots). So transport to, from and around the centre will be very simple and easy.









At the centre of this region I suggest that there be a "Information and Recognition"tower. This tower will remind all people in this state that they will have a large amount of "Free time". And this free-time should preferably be used in ways that everyone else in this community will appreciate. I will discuss this subject further in my webpage dedicated to the subject.

            All the town-centre's buildings are designed to face this important tower. So all people, visiting this town centre, will be constantly remindered that they should not waste all their wonderful abundant free time.

The buildings of this town centre will, of course, contain all the activities, which the inhabitants will engage in here. So I will describe all these activities in terms of these physical buildings. I will start on the left (where the external road comes to the centre) and then go clockwise around the buildings from there (following the transport loop).

1)          The External Terminus Station
People will come or leave this Town-State via buses, on the road that stops at this building. Then people will use the station beneath this terminus building to travel on to their desired station.
But, as this is a fully independent state devoted to self-sufficiency, this coming and going will not be a trivial operation.
            As opposed to the rest of the world, we don't want any manufactured goods to enter or leave this society at all (apart from the manufactured goods going out from here to all our smaller sister societies). So things like watches, phones and radios, must all be left behind by people coming here. Thus people must enter this society with no baggage at all. And even the clothing people are wearing must be the minimum possible. Everything else must be left behind.
            So, in these circumstances, many people will not visit us here. But this is good – we can be left alone to get on with our unique job of being independent. People who still really want to can visit us - but no one else. We don't need them.
            But, if Stephen Hawking or Barrack Obama want to visit us here, then we might agree to go out of our way to help them come. We must accept some social obligations.
            On either side of this building I have put a couple of small hotels. So visitors can stay at these hotels if they wish.


2)          The Mall
In this mall, people can engage in all the nice easy activities, which people like to do. So here people can: eat, drink, shop, enjoy films and use the facilities of Internet. We all want to relax and enjoy these activities during some of our free time.
            At the back of this mall I have put a small zoo.
            I have placed this mall next to the hotels so that visitors can eat and drink here very easily.


3)          Societies
All forms of societies should be encouraged to flourish in this town and be given the facilities they need to do this. So this town should support: a historical society, musical societies, drama societies, literary groups, arts societies, embroidery groups etc. However churches can also be regarded as societies. So in this ground I show a church, which its adherents can build in their free time.


4)          Clubs
All people need to be encouraged to continue in physical activities and games all through their lives. So in this area I give plenty of facilities for all these activities to occur - as shown in the diagram. (Of course I have designed Our Recognition Tower so that it will be ideal for climbing. So I am not forgetting the climbing fraternity.)
            Besides these facilities, in the building itself there must be rooms for Chess, GO, Darts and Billiards etc. But I must admit many of these clubs might prefer to do these activities at the Mall where they can drink as well.
            Next to all these facilities I give the town a small stadium. Here all the more important matches can be played in front of a good audience.


5)          Government
I place the all-important government building at the top of this ring of buildings. This building will have a large hall where the 62 representatives of the villages will meet to elect the many officers of this town. As usual, these activities must be fully public so all people can watch the proceedings in the background. (The usual restrictions must apply: a representative cannot be an officer, an officer must have passed their exams, each election must take several days and an officer cannot remain in the same office for more than 3 years.)
            This town hall will be used for other functions as well. Hopefully this hall will be used for many dances.
            This government building will also have many rooms where some of the officers can carry out the activities of their departments. Thus both the Transportation and the Money and Finance departments would have their offices in this building.


6)          Food Production Research
The hardest problem, which this society has to face, is how to produce our food using a fully recycling process. The solution of this problem needs to be addressed at all three levels of society. So, as you can see in the diagram, I give a large amount of resources to help solve this problem.
            I feel we should start the process of learning to eat microalgae and seaweed because this should be the easiest and simplest way of getting our food. This has been done in China and neighbouring countries for many centuries. I don't know much about the process. But microalgae can grow 20 times as fast as our normal food sources - so this should be the most efficient method of providing food for our communities.
            The growth of these items tends to be a continuous process. I have tried to indicate this in my diagram. So we start with clean water to which recycled nutrients are added. Then the correct microalgae or seaweed forms would be added. With plenty of sunshine then these items should grow and multiply. Air must be circulated through the water frequently to provide enough oxygen. Then we would continuously harvest our products at the end (in the building shown in my diagram). I don't know how this process would work but we ought to be trying to find out more about it. I also notice that a Wikipedia article says "green algae" are essential in any closed-cycle system like ours.


7)          High School
Clearly this town centre must support a good high school. But what precisely this high school should teach might be a contentious issue.
            First we must remember that the students, who enter this school, will already be able to read, write and do simple arithmetic. These students will now be 12 years old and they will have learnt all these essential tasks at primary school. So strictly these students could complete their education just by reading the correct student texts and doing all the example problems. (The government department must make such texts available to all people. This is a hard task and so this is precisely why most present education departments avoid this task like the plague.)
            Now the features, which all children ought learn at this stage, are – how their total government works; the advantages and disadvantages of their kind of government; and how their government compares with other forms of government around the world and in different ages. After all, in four years time these children must be ready to vote. And at that stage these students must know what they are doing.
            This will be a contentious issue. But I believe all people should take the nature of government much more seriously. So some people might read my webpages like:

Measures of a Good Society”.
Current Measures – Economic Growth, Wealth, Low Footprint”, “Equality Measures”. “Freedom Measures”, “Democracy Measures”, “Variety Measures”.
            “Known Mathematical Political Results”, “Pure, Visible Democracy – versus – Current Democracies”, “The Difficulty of Reforming a Society”.
            “The Unstable Nature of Life
Equality of Opportunity should be the basis of all Political Forms”.

I find some people learn a subject more easily by working in the subject rather than being taught the subject. So a society should always allow these different options. So I believe that just as many people could appear at the top of my "Recognition Tower" with low levels of education as those who have had high levels of education.


8)          Hospital
Clearly this large community must provide a reasonable hospital. This community will not strictly be a "welfare" society so all people will pay for the services they receive. But this circumstance should not cause anyone any hardship at all.
            This society is specifically designed, so all people can work when they are young and quickly become financially independent. So, over time, all people can pay for their welfare when they are old. So normally people can easily pay for their treatment. Also many people might like to work in this hospital for some of their free time. And this free time would not be paid for. (Remember - doctors also cannot accumulate wealth. So, when the doctors are at their wealth limit, then they might want come in and give worthy patients the benefit of their free time.) Also the hamlet communities themselves might wish give free help to any of their members who are having financial problems. So I think everyone will be looked after.
            I am afraid that this hospital will also have the difficult task of manufacturing all the medicines they will need to use (and the whole of the community). This self-sufficiency limitation could be much more of a real problem – this circumstance could really result in some people dying earlier. This circumstance could apply specifically to me (because of the medicines I must take as a result of my condition). But I would accept this different situation. I know I shouldn't live too long. This is not the nature of life. I have had a good run of life and I should not be too greedy and expect too much. Then younger people can take my place on this Earth.


9)          Library, Tutors and Research
Clearly this community must have a good library. Also there must be tutors who will help young people learn the more difficult subjects like medicine. And some people will wish to do research. All these things can happen in this large facility.
            But most of these activities can be done in free time. Many people, like myself, have far too many books. So these people can give all their excess books to the library. And most competent able people are happy to help young people with the problems they don't understand. And most people are happy to do general research free of charge. (I have done all these things all my life for free.) So most of the work carried out in this building would be done in free time.


10)          Domestic Manufacture
If this state wishes to be fully self-sufficient then there are a huge number of items we must learn to make for ourselves.
            First there are all the items associated with our agriculture. Most of these items are essential because no other countries make these items for small-scale agriculture. Then there are all the items in our homes like furniture and all the various appliances. Then we must make all our personal items like clothing, footwear and glasses. Finally we must make our own community items like vehicles and lifts.
            This manufacture won't be very easy.


11)          High Tech Manufacture
Unfortunately this community must make some very high-tech items. So we must learn to make: PV panels, computers, communication items, lights, cameras etc.





12)          Free-Time Manufacture

There are many objects that people would like to make for their free-time activities. So climbers would like to make their own climbing gear (with other climbers). This is what this facility is for. But this manufacture would all be fully observed. People certainly couldn't make their own guns.







13)          The Green Club

This is a complex subject. All communities have groups like: bush-fire groups and surf-life savers who help in all the emergencies of life. I suggest that this town-state has a very special Green Club, which would be capable of dealing with every kind of emergency. And every person, who gains full town citizenship, would expect and be proud to join this club. Citizens would be proud to join this club because this club would basically look after the total safety of this complete town-state.

          Now, at present, there are no independent town-states in the world at all. And some countries might not like the new appearance of a radically didderent type of state at all. So the job of this Green Club could be to defend their new states independence. So this would be a very important club indeed, which all citizens should proud to join.

         Associated with this Green Club there would be the Assembly Area next to it. Occasionlly all members of the Green Club might like to assemble in their green uniforms and give assurance to all their fellow members that they could defend their states independence. This what this area is for.

          I will discus this subject more fully in my webpage: "Free-Time and Clubs".



14)       The Energy Collection and Storage Facility

This Town Centre and its related transport system will require a large of energy. The sea of PV panels, shown below, will easily provide all this energy. I think the easiest way of storing all this energy is to break water up into it up into its Oxygen and Hydrogen components. These component then need to be kept far apart because Hydrogen in particular is likely to explode.

          When this energy is needed, then the Oxygen and Hydrogen can be recombined in a machine producing electricity. This could be the cheapest way of saving energy (but it is possible that it is not all that safe). I show this machine on the left of the assembly area.

          This large set of PV panels could lie above a large water reservoir beneath it. So this area can be used for water storage as well.


15)          Material Manufacture
Before anything else, we must learn to make the materials from which we will make everything else. I am assuming that some of our smaller supporting communities will be constructed close to raw material regions. Then these communities will mine these items in return for the finished items, which the town-state will supply them with at a later date.




16)          Recycle Unit
I believe that each small region of this large state should do their own recycling of their own organic waste products. So I have put four recycle units in this town region (one for each quarter). But this is the only unit, which lies on the train line. So this unit will also be in charge of the balance of this total recycle operation. Mostly organic waste can be returned to the local area where it came from. But the town area will probably produce more organic waste than it should. So this extra matter needs to be sent to the villages to keep everything in balance. So this unit must send this extra town organic matter back to the villages in special container cars. (The transport tunnels do not contain sewerage pipes.)


This completes my very brief summary of the Town-State facilities. Please now have a little look at my "Green Transport" system.


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