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The Wonder Plant

This is the front cover of this story.

This story is quite complex. In this story the scientific community develop a Bimode – part animal (to move slowly, eat, digest etc) and part plant (to take CO2 out of the atmosphere and provide energy to the animal part). When the world’s people understand that these Bimode creatures are quite harmless and very useful, then they buy them in considerable quantities.
            The story is complex because the Bimode must develop over many years. Also the means by which the Bimodes can revolt are subtle. Then finally the story deals with how humans can survive on the different islands. The story breaks down into 5 different sections.



Section  1        The Wonder Plant      
The main characters in this story all belong to a small climbing club. The story starts with this group finishing a climbing holiday in North Wales, just before these Bimodes are due to be introduced to the general public. After a horrible day in the mountains, then this group discuss this coming wonder.
            This group consists of six people: Stan, Ellen, Monica, Dougal, Alan and Louise. The two main leaders are Stan, the president and the narrator of the story and Dougal, the main climber. Stan is conventional, sensible and rather clever. Dougal is fanatical, communistic and extremely frugal. They are rivals and argue endlessly over the future of humanity.
            After this introduction, this section deals with the gradual development of the Bimodes over the following 20 years.


In this map you can just see the routes taken by the

parties in North Wales and the Isle of White.

Section  2        North Wales   
This section deals with how the Bimodes manage to successfully revolt and kill most of the people in the world. Stan is in North Wales at the time of the revolt. He first goes back to Liverpool to save his family. Then he, together with Monica, manage to lead a large party out of North Wales to safety on the Isle of Mann.


Section  3        Isle of Man
On the Isle of Mann, half the population have been killed and much of the infra structure has been destroyed. Eventually Stan plays an important part in bringing the Island back into a functioning unit. He becomes a bit of a hero on the island.


Section  4        Isle of Wight              
Back on the Isle of Wight, Dougal has managed to start a small self-sufficient community. When the Bimodes revolt, over a desperate three-week period, Dougal manages to use his community to save almost half the people on the island. Dougal manages to save the island in such a manner that this remaining population are prepared to accept an absolutely extreme form of self-sufficient communism.
 Then, by a peculiar set of circumstances, Stan and his family are forced to go the Isle of Wight. Sensible Stan hates this new system - but his family perversely like it. So Stan is forced to stay. The chapter deals in detail how this extreme form of communism can be made to work.


Section  5        Channel Islands
This extreme form of communism under these very peculiar circumstances is very successful. In five years, this community is ready to start taking back all the main continents lost to the Bimodes. But the Isle of Wight start modestly by just retaking the island of Jersey, helped by the people of Guernsey who are just a normal society like the Isle of Mann.
            At the start of the campaign, this extreme form of communism seems to be remarkably successful. But, at the end of the campaign, the Bimodes force everyone to rethink their strategies. Thus Stan’s sensible ideas prevail and all people accept that Dougal’s form of extreme communism is too aggressive. So eventually peace will prevail in our world again. All is well.


Please click on The Wonder Plant – novel”(pdf) if you wish to read the whole book.



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