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The Unstable Nature of Life

During the 1960s and 1970s, when ecological studies were starting up, people believed that natural systems formed reasonably stable situations. Thus the predator species kept the excessive growth of the various other species in check. But unfortunately, a careful long-term study of the evidence has shown that this is not the case. In fact no ecological system is stable in any sense of the word and the nature of life is that it is always changing in unpredictable manners.
            But the good news is that this unpredictable, unstable way of life is better for evolution as it allows new species to form. In fact those terrible disasters, which cause many species to die off, usually result in new species forming, and these new species are more capable of dealing with the problems of future life.
            Thus the nature of life is that it is perfectly adapted for surviving, and this capability for surviving is increasing. This is wonderful.


Actions like these simply put off the fundamental instability

for a few more years.

Now we humans are just a well-evolved animal species, so the same situation must apply to us as well. So the nature of our life must also be unstable. And if you study our past human history carefully, including both uncivilised and civilised life, then you will find our life has in fact been very unstable. So at any particular time or place in history, you will never be able to predict what would have happened in the future. This is a good thing - life treats us all in the same way – and we can never predict the future.
            But the sad fact of life is that, although we know we can’t predict the future, we always implicitly assume our life will more-or-less continue as before. And this assumption makes our coming future life much worse. This is what this connected set of webpages is all about.


So far I have been discussing this subject in a very high degree of generality. This will now change dramatically. So my first sub-webpage is called A Utopian Period in my Life. This period occurred 60 years ago and not everyone would regard this as a Utopian period. But the contrast between this period, and our current life, does highlight how much life can change over half a century. And many of these changes have not been for the better.


My next web page is called We always accept the Easiest Path. And the easiest path for us is always to continue to do what we have been doing before, and to not think about the future too much. But this process can give rise to severe problems in the future. In this webpage, I give a typical example of this process.


Before I can relate this “Easiest Path” to what is happening in our world in general, I need to point out how five different measures, of the nature of life on Earth, are definitely getting worse. This is done in my next webpage called Our five Serious Current Problems.


This is a complex diagram. You must read the

relevant text to understand it.

My next webpage is very large and complex. Here I show How Our Problems Evolve and get Worse. Here I include a reduced sized picture of the diagram that illustrates this complex process. You can see all the different effects and how they interact with each other. It is naturally all a bit worrying. But I think the diagram represents the truth.





My final webpage is called Solving All Problems in One Go. Your natural reaction will be to say that this is impossible. But I point out that I started my life in a Utopian world where none of the problems, which I am discussing, actually existed. And I also point out the precise mechanism that created my Utopian world. So, if my Utopian world was created once, then it can be created again. I want you to think about this possibility carefully. (Naturally the idea is closely associated with my webpage called “A Special Period”).


So please click on A Utopian Period in my Life to start the detailed reading.


So life is unstable.


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Updated on 17/11/2016.