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The Ultimate Ascent

a path to create a space colony front cover

Front Cover

I have just finished writing a book called “A Path to Create a Space Colony” (pdf). I give (or sell) this book to all people who could be interested in the subject ($20). This set of webpages is basically the same as this work. The advantage of reading the work in webpages (rather than downloading the “pdf” version above ) is that the access to the other many relevant webpages is much faster. Also, because this work contains many pictures, this “pdf” version takes a little while to download.
            I call this webpage version of the work “The Ultimate Ascent”. I will explain the reason for this more grandiose title at the end of this webpage.


a path to create a space colony inside front cover

Inside Front Cover

In the hardcopy version, the pictures on the covers are enormously important (and the booklet is in A4 format - so the pictures are quite large). So I must start this work with a webpage simply called “The 4 Cover Pages”. A small version of - the front cover, the inside front cover and the inside back cover is shown below. (The back cover is shown at the end).
            A quick glance at these small pictures should indicate to you how important they are. So they must be studied carefully. Also the text on the inside cover explains why I am qualified to write a complex book like this. So this text must definitely be read.



The first normal webpage is called “A Path to Create a Full Space Colony”. This webpage firstly introduces the subject and explains why a colony in space will actually help all those people down here on Earth. Then this webpage introduces all the other webpages in the work. So this webpage must be read.



a path to create a space colony inside back cover

Inside Back Cover

The following webpages, which describe this unique “path”, are then:

           "The Fundamental Problems which we must Overcome".

"The Free-Time our Communities will Generate", "Why we must go Green", "Myself, Safety and Enjoyment".

           "A_Green_Community", "Our_Homes".

           "An Enclosed Agricultural System", "A Sealed Earth Colony".

           "A Green Village Community".

"Our Hamlets", "Our Village Centres".

            "A Green Independent Town-State".

"Our Town Centre", "Our Transportation System", "Money and Finance", "Our Citizenship Incentive System", "Our Recognition Tower".

            "A Related System of Wildlife Parks and States".

            "Building and Launching our Rockets", "Initially Starting our Space Colony".

                        "A Full Space Colony".

            "Long-Term Safety and Human Goals".

            “A Path to Create a Space Colony” (pdf).


            All these webpages can readily be read in any order the reader prefers.


a path to create a space colony back cover

Back Cover

At the end of this work, I have added an extra very large webpage on the related subject of 

"A Path to Create a Colony on Mars". In this webpage I show that, if these “Space Colonies” are duplicated many times, then this process will allow as many people who like, to go out and live in space. And, in particular, this process would allow us to form a “A Green Independent Town-State” on Mars of 100,000 people.

            Thus this slow process will allow us to eventually colonize space. So this is my justification for calling this huge future project - “The Ultimate Ascent”.


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Updated on 17/11/2016.