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The Poor will be protected from getting Poorer

This condition is fairly similar to my “rich not getting richer” condition. This time I will call the poor people to be those people who have assets, which are less than half the average asset value. I would like to say that these people would be prevented from getting poorer. But unfortunately I can’t stipulate this condition because there are cases when some poor people actually want to sell their assets for some reason. So I will limit this condition so say that it is illegal for other people to cause poor people to get poorer when these people are making a gain from this situation. This situation normally occurs when people gamble, take drugs or drink alcoholic drinks. I think this restriction might safeguard poor people’s assets as well as is possible – but there could be better ideas. And, because all people will receive the essentials of life, there is no need for the poor to become poorer.
            A stronger limitation can be used for those people who are in total debt (i.e. their assets minus their debt is negative). And the case where this occurs in our society is the young people who are given loans for their university education.
            So this condition will mean that uni students will no longer be able to begin or increase such loans. This restriction may seem a bit harsh - but this is a subject about which I am very passionate. I hate to hear about how some young people are self-inflicting themselves because of these various stresses of modern life (and the suicide rates of young people are very high and increasing). Clearly I am still very keen that our young people should still learn the essential subjects that will help our nation thrive. But there are better and cheaper ways of achieving this goal - without all young people thinking that it is essential that they go to uni. All past ages have managed to achieve this goal without everyone going to uni. Learning a subject, when one is partially employed in the field already, has always been the natural way of learning a subject. All we need to do is partially revert back to this old system and then such loans will no longer be needed. I could have learnt all the mathematics I have needed to know without going to uni. When I went to uni I spent most of my time going climbing and socialising. What I learnt there was quite small and I could have learnt it at work.
            This idea should be extended to any national debt because our young people will have to pay this debt off. But the details of how to do this become too complex to describe here.
            In general it is very important that all people in a country are encouraged to save so that they can mainly to look after their own welfare and retirement. So those people who deliberately interfere with this process must be strongly penalised.


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Unfortunately in the current world, banks are indeed robbing the homes of poor people.




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Updated on 17/11/2016