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The No-Boots Club

This is the cover of the book.

This story starts with a relaxed canyon trip down the Wollangambe River. The party gets divided in two with the heroine of the story, the narrator Gwen, leading the front party while her husband, Gerry, leads the slow party. Then a small thunderstorm means the parties are forced to camp for the night under separate overhangs.
             Then Gwen gets herself into trouble by rather exuberantly playing a game called “Ant Wars” with a guy called Barry. But then Gwen, who considers herself to be Gwendolen the Great, feels she is duty bound to take her revenge on Barry. The rest of the story is mostly associated with her revenge.
             All the people on this canyon party belong to a green community so the story deals with the subsequent lives of these people in the community. In this story, the normal life in a self-sufficient green community is described in reasonable amount of detail. The story also deals with the formation of a village community and a self-sufficient green city community. The accompanying diagram shows the actual form of this green community. (And my Green Living - book”(pdf)describes this community in detail.)


On the Sunday morning, Gwen leads the party in doing the following skit (called “The Tassie Tiger Hunt”).


                                    There was a lass, her name was Gwen,
                                    Our No Boots Club, they took her in,
                                    She loved to walk and enjoyed the charms
                                    Of Splendour Rock and Burning Palms.


                                    Now Gwen she teamed up with our club’s best,
                                    To traverse Tassie’s wild South West.
                                    And there to her befell the fate,
                                    Which presently I shall relate.


                                    You know – at least you ought to know,
                                    For Gerry’s often told you so,
                                    That party members mustn’t push,
                                    Ahead of leaders in the bush.


                                    Now this was Gwen’s especial foible,
                                    She took the lead, when she was oible,
                                    And on this inauspicious day,
                                    She took the lead and shot away!


             Toby now took charge of the following participation actions.
Toby yelling   Down the ridge                     Everyone         - Beating chests rapidly                                  Through the grass                                        - Swishing hands together
                        Across the flat                                               - Beating thighs
                        Up the spur                                                    - Beating thighs slowly
                        Onto the ridge                                              - Beating chests and panting
                        Up the ridge                                                   - Beating chests slowly and                                                                                                      panting heavily


                                    She’d hardly reached the top – when bang,
                                    With gaping jaws a tiger sprang,        - Barry, the tiger, sprang
                                    “No, No,” Gwen cried, “you are extinct”
                                    The Tassie tiger slyly winked,             - And Barry winked
                                    And hungrily began to eat
                                    Young Gwen commencing at her feet.             And I sat down and Barry started eating my feet. And Steve then did his part and got everyone to join in with lots of munching and crunching sounds.


                                    Now just imagine how it feels,
                                    When first your toes and then your heels,
                                    And then by gradual degrees,
                                    Your ankles, shins and calves and knees,
                                    Are slowly eaten bit by bit.                              And Barry carried out
                                    No wonder Gwen detested it ! !                       the various eating actions.


                                    No wonder that she shouted “Hi !”
                                    Our party leader heard her cry,
                                    And being fit he did swiftly fly,
                                    To help his fellow No Boots guy.


            And Toby once again took charge of the participation actions as before. But first he yelled out. ‘Last time it was only Gwen making the noise. But this time it is a huge energetic Gerry. So let me really hear some real noise.’ And so they did.


            Gerry now played the part of the leader.
                                    Monster.” He shouted as he came,
                                    Though ‘Barry’ was its proper name.
                                    “Monster.” He said with angry frown.
                                    “Down Sir!  Down Sir!  Put her down.


                                    The Tassie tiger made a stop,
                                    And let the dainty morsel drop.
                                    And slunk reluctant to one side,
                                    Snarling with rage and injured pride.
Barry continued to play the part of the tiger. He slunk and snarled with considerable realism.


                                    But when Gerry bended over Gwen,
                                    The party leader’s eyes grew dim,
                                    The tiger having reached her head,
                                    Our beloved Gwen, she now was dead
And naturally Gerry and I acted out this scene.


                                    When S&R were called out they,
                                    Were more concerned than I can say.
                                    Steve, he said as he dried his eyes.

Steve               “Well it gives me no surprise,
                                    She would not do as she was told.”
                                    But Toby who was self-controlled,
                                    Bade all bushwalkers round attend,
                                    To Gwen’s sad and miserable end.


            Toby               “You should never shoot ahead of leader,
                                    For fear of meeting a worser bleeder !”



This skit is part of the Sydney bushwalking folklore, which I think is worth for us to remember. This skit is then made to be an integral part of the story.


The chapter headings are
                        1.         Saturday (Wollangambe)                                                   3
                        2.         Ant Wars                                                                        14
                        3.         Sunday (Wollangambe)                                                   29
                        4.         FabCom                                                                          36
                        5.         A Party                                                                           47
                        6.         A Picnic                                                                          53
                                                              Part 2
                        7.         A Campfire                                                                     60
                        8.         Celtic Dancing                                                     67
                        9.         SeaCom                                                                           73
                        10.       Barry                                                                               79
                        11.       Cub Camp                                                                       85
                        12.       A Family Night                                                               95
                        13        Benita’s Night                                                               107

            Appendix:                   Bushwalking Songs                                           111



Please click on The No-Boots Club – novel”(pdf) if you wish to read the book.



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