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The Nature of Life is to Expand

I include this photo just to remind you how

beautiful our Earth looks (particularly in

comparison to Mars).

On this wonderful planet Earth on which we live, we have everything we could possibly want or require. Thus we have wonderful oceans teaming with millions kinds of animals. Then on land there is an equal abundance of life in the form of flora and fauna as well. And the land itself comes in many forms: high mountains, deserts, forests, plains teaming with life as well as jungles teams with strange forms of life. (I, myself, don’t actually fancy living in a jungle at all – but many people are happy with it.) And there is a huge variety of nations and cultures for us all to visit on Earth as well. So our planet is rather wonderful.


Perhaps we should now remind ourselves how all this super abundance and variety of life came to this world in the first place.
            About 3 billion years ago there was no life on Earth. But the oceans were full very large complex organic molecules. The nature of the slight electro-magnetic forces between these large molecules would mean that they would tend to clump together. This situation was ripe for possible interactions to occur.
            And then life started. Somehow a large set of complex organic molecules found a way of duplicating themselves by splitting in two (using sunlight for energy). These clumps of reproducing molecules are called bacteria, algae or prokaryote cells. These cells kept expanding to such an extend that they changed the very nature of the Earth’s atmosphere. Previously it had dominated by CO2, but these bacteria changed this dominance from CO2 to O2.
            Then this change allowed the development of the larger more complex eukaryote cells. These cells also expanded incredibly. They then combined with other cells and so created all the multitude of life forms that live on Earth today. Thus our Earth became a truly green planet teaming with a variety of life.

All animals usually have many children.


The basic reason that the Earth has such an abundance of life is because absolutely every form of life does its utmost best to reproduce itself. All forms of life try to do this: plants, flowers, trees, insects, fish, cats, dogs, elephants and even us humans have tried to do it. This excess of reproduction has resulted in the “survival of the fittest” and the huge variety of all animals. On the whole, this expansion ethic has been very successful – this is why our beloved Earth is now teaming with life.


But, over the last few thousand years, we humans have, very sensibly become civilised. This means we try to limit the number of children we have, if we cannot support them. I agree with this general idea. But we could have gone a bit too far with this basically good idea. All animals would also have a much easier life, if they all had less children. But they certainly don’t do this. This not how our animal brains have been designed to work. All animal brains have been designed to have as many children as they can. And this overpopulation gives us, our “survival of the fittest” process, which allows the basic evolution process to proceed.
            The answer to the evolutionary process might not be quite as easy as we would like to be.

One civilised item, in particular, has helped with this limitation of population growth. This was the invention of money. In a family, it becomes blatantly obvious that this family will have less money per person, if this family has to support more children. In the current age, this money limitation, and the invention of better contraception methods, has been quite effective in limiting population growth in all advanced countries.
            So this is good and it has now tended to create the peaceful stable world we know today.

But I’m afraid my Green Communities will be quite different from all normal advanced countries. People will no longer be able to accumulate money and show-off to the world about how big their houses or cars are. Instead these people will have lots of free-time and the members of these communities could spend their free-time having more children. And it is quite easy for these communities to expand because they use so little land. And in expanding these communities will cause no pollution at all and they will be giving an equal amount of land to wild-life at the same time. So the whole of the life, associated with green living, can expand at the same time.
            Of course, there is still only a limited amount of land on Earth and the vast majority of this land will continue to be owned and used by the rich people of the world, who strongly support capitalism. This is fine. I am happy for this current situation to continue in our world. I support peace just as much as all other people on Earth.


But there are several other ways that these new Green Communities could expand besides just buying land from current owners in the normal method. These are:
a)         These communities could live in mountainous regions by terracing the land very extensively. People did this in ancient times. So with modern equipment and materials we should be able to do such terracing quite easily.
b)         Our communities could now use sun-light as energy to make fresh-water from salt-water by using reverse-osmosis. In my Green Living - book”(pdf) I show how the costs will be quite reasonable. So we can now irrigate any lands close to the ocean.
c)         The deep oceans of our world are also effectively deserts in our world because they support very little life indeed. This is because the essential nutrients for life sink to the bottom of the ocean (and it is very hard to retrieve them from there). A great challenge would be to try and use areas like this. Thus we could suspend a tough sheet about a meter or so beneath the surface and then supply the essential nutrients to the area. So the area could now support life and we could partially farm it and support ourselves as well. It wouldn’t be very easy - but it seems such a terrible shame that this vast area, at present, is more-or-less unused for the growth of life.

This is the Space Colony I have designed which

will allow us to live in space comfortably.

d)         Finally we can try to create a life for ourselves out in space. I show how this can be done in my webpages associated this my webpage "The Ultimate Ascent".
            So there are many ways that these early Green Communities can continue to expand.


Of course, it will still always be far easier in all communities, for people stay as they are and not try to expand. This is fine. But I think that it will make life far more exciting for some people to use some of their abundant free-time to try to expand a little. It will be fun and give us all something to do in this world. And we would only be doing what all life has been trying to do over the past 3 billion years. So let us all think again about this wonderful possibility of future expansion of life in the Universe.



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