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The Free-Time our Communities will Generate

All our current nations are completely devoted to creating "Economic Growth". And on the whole this effort has been very successful. So all the free-time, which I enjoyed when I was young, has disappeared. I give the reasons for this process in my webpages associated with "The Unstable Nature of Life".
            But in the communities I am suggesting here, this process will not happen. This is because the members of these communities cannot increase their equity in the community assets when they reached their just limit. So at this point, these people can longer work for money. So then these people just have free-time - until their current expenses allow them to work for money again. (This whole process is described in detail in my "Green Living – book" section 5.2.)

            But most people enjoy working for a good cause. So in our case, most of this free-time would be used in helping our community to create our new Space Colony. But, as this time is free-time, each person can help the section of work they are particularly interested in. Also people can choose to work with people whom they like. So all people should enjoy this free-time "work". And people will receive recognition for this good work (as I will describe in my webpage called "Our Recognition Tower").

The main purpose of this webpage then is to show roughly how much free-time the members of these communities will have.
            But, before doing this detailed work, let me remind you that all normal societies have plenty of "free-time". To my mind, the Egyptians spent their free-time building their pyramids. In the Middle Ages, people spent their free-time building their superb cathedrals. Also, when we are forced to, we spend our free-time fighting wars. At the moment, we are mostly spending the time, which could be our "free-time", building larger houses or bigger cars, which simply clutter up our roads and make our life more difficult. And finally we junk up our houses by buying cheap goods from China, which we don't need. So we all should have plenty of free-time.
            From all that I have read, most societies can carry on quite happily supplying themselves with all the items they really need, by using only one-third of their available workforce. So all societies should have plenty of free-time. So what I am about to say about all my Green Societies is nothing new.

However in my societies the situation is slightly more complex. This is because these new communities will need to be built. This initial building must take a significant amount of time. Only when these communities have been built, will all people have plenty of free-time. So here I must discuss both the building time and the eventual day-to-day running time for these green communities. (Having heard this, I think that you, my reader, could well decide to leave the further details of this webpage to sometime in the future. This could well be a good decision.)

First I must define the terms I will use about how I measure this "free-time" (or "work-time"). Also I must say how this time will correspond to money.

I will first say:    an hour's work is equivalent to $25.

Then I will say:  A man-year's work is 1600 hours
(i.e. a person working 46 weeks per year, for 35 hours per week).

So then:             a man-year's work is equivalent to $40,000.

These figures are the best approximation I can make as to what happens in Australia at the moment.

            These hours then are not extreme. A 35-hour week, with 6-weeks holiday a year, will allow all people to have plenty of time for other personal interests. Also there would be almost no travelling time associated with this work. (I will justify, why this is the case, in my "Our Transportation System" webpage.) Many people would like to maintain this sensible amount of work (particularly when these people will have the choice of - what they work at, and who they will work with).

First I must give an estimate of how much work these communities will take to build. I did this work in detail for my Green Community in my "Green Living – book" section 6.2. Here I will just give the results of this work.
            My Green Community will cost about $200,000 per person to build i.e. 5-man-years work per person.
            My other three Earth communities (Green Village Community, Sealed Earth Colony and Green Independent Town-State) will cost less per person to build, because they will save the huge costs associated with collecting and saving water. So I estimate that these communities will cost 4-man-years work to build per person.
            Now the members of these communities will mostly build these green communities themselves. But many of these people, who are building these communities, must also support themselves. However, on the other hand, some of the people, who will be joining us, will already have assets in the current world and these assets can be used to help with this building process. So the whole situation is very complex.
            My judgement is that: if a person was very keen to progress, or if a person already owned assets in the outside world, then this person could own their share of the community assets in only 5 years. So after this, these people would have lots of free-time to spend on this total space project.
            But it might take 10 years for other more normal people (without any external assets) to earn their fair share. So then, and only then, could these people work on the space project for a significant amount of time.
            So it will take between 5 and 10 years before people will be ready to help with the space project. But during all this time, all these people will be learning how to become self-sufficient in many aspects of life.

So let us now consider the total amount of time, which must be spent on the usual daily work (getting food, maintenance of the facilities, child bearing, transport, education, welfare and administration).
            In all my five communities, I estimate that people could do all their necessary daily work in one hour per day i.e. 7 hours per week. But this estimate assumes that a person is keen to finish this work (so that this person can go and do something more interesting like working on the space project). If a person wasn't keen to do this space work, then they could very easily spend 14 hours a week doing this necessary daily work. So it is hard to quantify the general situation. (I justify these free-time figures in my "Green Living – book").

This means that roughly:
            Keen people could do their normal work in 25% of their working time.
            Less keen people could do their normal work in 50% of their working time.
(But in fact a person, who had already done all their construction work and was very keen, could easily do their normal chores work - and still have enough time to work on the space project for 35 hours a week (particularly when their children were off their hands). Many people in the current world are already doing this amount of work. It all depends on what people are keen to do.)

Now let us consider how this whole project might work out over 30 years in terms of three 10-year time periods. Also we will consider what people will probably be doing during these periods.

            The first 10-year time period


During this first period, people would be working on forming the Green Communities and the Green Village Communities. In doing this, these people will be learning how to be self-sufficient in food, water and energy.


            People would start by building the Green Communities because this technology is much better known. Later in this period, people would build the Green Villages Communities. Here people should be trying to recycle their water-vapour. But initially this operation might be too difficult. These Village Communities could initially be built without recycling their water-vapour and they could obtain any extra required water from the outside world. When the recycling technology has developed successfully, these communities will dispense with this external water.


            During this period almost all this work would be paid, so that these people would be building up their financial equity in their communities (to partially look after their welfare in their old age).




            The second 10-year Period


During this period, people would mostly be working on building the Sealed Earth Colonies and the Green Independent Town-State. Again most of this work would be paid because people would be increasing their equity in the hamlets and villages where they are residing.
            Towards the end of this period, some keen people would start working on the facilities, which will build our rockets.




            The third 10-year period



In this final period, people in the Town-State will be spending at least 50% of their "working-time" building their rockets. And this wonderful noble work will no longer be paid. But this work will receive recognition on "Our Recognition Tower" as I shall shown later.



During all these three periods, there must be a considerable flow of people between all these four communities. This is essential because we only want the keen space people to live in our Town-State. And all people will keep changing their minds on the degree to which they wish help the space project. (As opposed to seeing their old friends and enjoying the activities associated with the outside world.) But these exchanges between the different communities can occur very easily. All the facilities in the four communities are very similar because all the homes are almost identical. So people can exchange homes with other people very easily indeed.

Let us now think in terms of the numbers of people, who need to be involved in this total project over these 30 years. Unfortunately I must work backwards because I only know what the final result must be (as described in my "Building and Launching our Rockets").
            We require that our Town-State should contain 100,000 reasonably keen people. Then this population will supply 50,000 people to work on our Space Project. These people will build and launch our rockets in their abundant free-time.
            Then I will say that there must also be 100,000 less keen people living in the Green Living Communities and the Green Village Communities. So these people could swap with keen people depending on how the individual people are feeling at the time.
            So far I have not mentioned the Sealed Earth Colony communities. I think all these 200,000 people in these three communities should have the chance to spend in fortnight's holiday in a Sealed Earth Colony. However I think most people will soon become bored with this sealed colony experience. So all these 200,000 people should simply live in these sealed colonies for a fortnight to gain this essential experience sometime during the later years. So I don't need to include this colony in these numbers.
            So this arrangement means that the number of our active members must rise:
            From 0 to 100,000 in our first period and
            From 100,000 to 200,000 in our second period.
(Our numbers would hopefully continue to rise during our third period as well. I talk about this possibility at the end of this webpage.)

I must now say a few words about how these communities might be distributed around the world. I will suppose there are 10 regions on this earth where this development might occur. Then, in each region, a sensible balance of communities could be:

      47 Green Communities giving 4,700 people

      3 Green Village Communities giving 4,800 people

      1 Sealed Earth Colony giving 500 people

      So the total number of people in all 10 regions would be100,000 people.

            Then, of course, the Town-State would be built in an area close to all these regions.

So these are the time periods and numbers of people I am considering. What actually happens, of course, will purely depend on the number of people who want to join us (and how keen these various people are). The point I want to make now is that these numbers don't need to be too large. Even in Australian, if only 1% of our population want to join us, then we could still do this complete project.

The final point that I must make is that this project will go on forever. The people in the Space Colony will become bored silly, if they have nothing to do. This is why I gave them huge construction chamber with many facilities. These people will always want to expand further.
            And the people in the Town-State will also become bored with life with nothing to do. So these people will also be keen to continue working and supporting the Space Colony. And many people would like to go up into space for a year in their lives. This project will continue to give us a little thrill to hear about how our life is continuing to expand out in space.
            So this project will be the beginning of life in space. And in space, this expansion will continue on forever.

           My next webpage is "Why we must go Green".


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