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The Degenerate Species

This heading, as you might guess, refers to us human people. But – please do not get me wrong - I mostly really like the way we live. I very much appreciate the relative peace we usually enjoy, and all the huge benefits and facilities our technology and science has brought us. It is wonderful.
            But, if I was a normal mammal, living in the way we were designed to live, then I would immediately notice many dubious aspects of human life. This is what this webpage is about.
            Now there are many hundreds of different animal species living in many different ways. So it is hard to make a just comparison. But I, as a normal degenerate human, watch a lot of TV. And the show, Meerkat Manor, is very true to life and it shows all the many different aspects of these animal’s lives. So this is the comparison I will be primarily thinking about. I will use some of the pictures from this show to illustrate the situation.


There are many aspects I could talk about. I will limit myself to just four major differences.


1)         Our Children are much less the Focus of our Lives
All animal species spent almost all their spare time either trying to have more children or to looking after the children they have. However the focus of most humans now is to either earn more money or to enjoy ourselves by spending the money we have. Now I don’t want to argue the case as to whether it is either the normal animals or it is us humans who are right or wrong. All I want to do is to point out that there is a huge difference in the focus of our lives to that of animals.


2)         We humans no longer Compete for either our Mates or our Land
Animals spend I huge amount of their lives fighting to hold either their mates or their land. We civilised humans have mostly managed to avoid this very destructive fighting process. We mostly live in peace. Instead we tend to fight for money or power – and I am afraid that this operation can also be very destructive. It seems that no life can ever be too easy.


3)         Our Human Societies no longer try to Expand
All animal species try to expand their existence in terms of both their populations and their land usage. We humans no longer try to indulge in such expansion. This brings us peace. But it also means we are no longer involved the normal evolutionary process – as described by Darwin. This is another difficult problem, which it is strongly related to my points 1 and 2.



Here are some Polar Bears play-fighting.

4)         We Humans no longer “Play-Fight”

The three points, I have made so far, are so important and so far reaching that we all try to avoid thinking about their various ramifications. But “Play-Fighting” is not as important - so at least we can think and talk about this little problem.
            I simply love it when I watch the Meerkats enjoy some play-fighting, either in couples or in big groups. (Of course it is even better watching Polar Bears doing the same thing.) I used to play-fight with my elder brother. But I was absolutely hopeless at it. I would try far too hard, lose and end up crying (my brother was bigger and older than I). I wish I had been brought up as a good animal and learnt to play-fight properly. So then I would not try to hard and just think of a little struggle as a occasion of enjoyment for both parties – as one should do when dancing (which I have learnt to do successfully now).
            In some ways we humans are using our natural competitive animal natures and using this competitive nature at inappropriate occasions. We should play-fight with our friends and only fight when we are really threatened. (And this should happen very rarely.) This is an occasion when we can relearn a technique, which normal animals know so well.

            This is all a terribly difficult subject. All I want to say here is that we should not consider our normal civilised human behaviour is always absolutely correct. In some ways we humans have degenerated slightly from normal animal behaviour - so we can enjoy an easier life. We have to remember that our easier life might mean that we as individuals (or the societies we form) could be becoming less competitive. So we must always carefully remember these unpleasant facts of how we now differ from normal animal societies.


In my Green Living - book”(pdf) I naturally bear these facts carefully in mind. So in such a society people will have much more time to bring up their children, and they will not need to worry about money and power too much. In all  “My Novels this more pleasant circumstance is explored in many different ways. So “My Novels” are very different from normal novels.



This is the most degenerate picture that I could find on the internet.



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