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Sheffield - 1983-1985

   Sheffield,  UK (age - 42-45)

I married Jane and we went to the UK. Eventually we went to Sheffield where I did research at the University. This was a superb place for climbing and folk activities.


So Jane and I spent nearly three years at Sheffield happily engaged in many folk and climbing activities. But I'm afraid I don't have many photographs of these activities. I will try to contact Jane and see what photos she has got. But, for the time being, this is all I have. (And of course we both did actually work in our different fields.)



This is Jane and me.



Jane by herself


Our CV6 car, which took to various folk festivals in the

UK besides a 3 week holiday in Ireland.





















Naomi as a guide


Naomi playing table-tennis






















Tim playing table-tennis

Naomi doing ballet

























Rebecca was born in Sheffield



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