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Sandstone and Clock-Towers

This is the front cover of this story.

This is my story about climbing. Here the heroine and narrator of the story, Mary, tells of her first year of out-door climbing in the Blue Mountains. (This is my favourite story because I imagine myself to be Mary – so I give Mary a very full personal and climbing life.)
            But Mary is rather special – in a few years time she wants to try and start a green independent state of quite a few thousand people. This is a very difficult task for the reasons I give in the story. But this story follows on from my The No-Boots Club – novel”(pdf) story. So all the various green communities, which are described in this story, are assumed to be already set up and operating successfully. So the next step, which Mary wants to carry out, is not impossible.
            Mary had intended to go climbing with Gwen, the heroine of the No Boots Club, for a year overseas. But Gwen gets pregnant and marries again, and so she will be out of action for 3 or 4 years. So Mary has to decide what so do during this time. She decides she will learn to climb properly for this year by climbing every weekend. And then she will have a temporary marriage for a year or so with a climber and have one child (having a child in a green community is relatively easy). And then she will climb with Gwen for a year. After this she will settle down to start forming a green state. (Mary in her own way is very ambitious – as I fancy myself to be).
            But Mary doesn’t find it at all easy to find a temporary marriage partner. All her possible partners want a permanent marriage. So she has problems – as you would expect.


The following chapter heading will give you an idea of the scope of the story. The place names are mostly climbing areas in the Blue Mountains.
            SANDSTONE and CLOCK-TOWERS – Chapter headings
            1.         PIDDO  (Mt Piddington)                                                                                3
            2.         EIGHT MONTHS                                                                                        13
            3.         SWEET DREAMS                                                                                         24
            4.         CHRISTMAS PARTY                                                                                  30
            5.         HARBOUR BRIDGE  (Direct Ascent)                                                         40
            6.         TOWN HALL (Clock-tower Ascent)                                                                        50
            7.         NARROW-NECK                                                                                          57
            8.         WARRAGAMBA DAM  (A Lilo Crossing)                                                            64
            9.         JOSIE’S STORY                                                                                            81
            10.       WEDDINGS and THINGS                                                                            86
            11.       KING GEORGE (Mt Banks – The Original Route)                                      97
            Appendix A                            Climbing Terms                                                          107
            Appendix B                            The Original Ascent of Centre-Point                          109
            Appendix C                            The Only Ascent of the Lands Dept Clock-Tower   113
            Appendix D                            Climbing Songs                                                           115


            Please click on Sandstone and Clock-Towers – novel”(pdf), if you wish to read the whole book.



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