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Quarter Calendar

This is the coming 2015 calendar. I have improved the calendar

slightly this year by adding the "full moons". You can download

the calendar if you like. Otherwise I can give you the printed form.


The purpose of this Quarter Calendar is mostly to provide a more convenient way of viewing the days of the year. But each day also has a small amount of space for putting in a reminder sign for an important event e.g. a particular party. This calendar certainly doesn’t replace the need for a diary at all. But it does allow a person to see the important coming events of the year very easily (or to review the important past events of the year).
            This a suitable way of seeing the year because:
1)         It shows the sequence of the weeks more clearly,
2)         The two weekends days are put together here (as in a diary),
3)         The four quarters of the year are shown together. This is convenient because:
            a)   school holidays are associated with the four quarters,
            b)   many bills are paid quarterly e.g. rates, electricity, phones bill etc,
4)         The form is more succinct and so it allows more room for the reminder symbols.
(I show in the picture below how I used last year’s calendar myself. The letters are usually the first initial of a person who will or has visited me.)


This picture shows how I use this calendar myself.

But the reason I actually developed this calendar was for a more esoteric reason. My Dad was for many years the secretary of the Calendar Reform society. This society was proposing to make the length of the months much more regular. And this would lead to a simpler more regular year. But this solution involved having one or two special holidays each year, which were not counted as days of the week. So the week/day sequence was altered slightly – and this was unacceptable to some religious groups. So this possible reform of the calendar never got anywhere.
            My solution to this little problem is contained within this form of calendar. With this calendar any date can be specified exactly in terms of – the year, the quarter, the week number in the quarter, and the day number in the week. So the complexity of the irregularity of the months can be completely ignored. < So the date                                                       Thursday, 16/10/2014,

could instead be written as                               4/3 D 2014.            

The advantage of this system is that a person doesn’t need to check the calendar to specify a date easily and succinctly in numbers. All people would always remember the day of the week. After using this calendar for a year, most people would start to remember the week number of the quarter. And the quarter would always be easily remembered. So this form would lead a simpler date system, if and when many people became familiar with this kind of calendar. But this possibility would be many years off.

There are even further simplifications that could be made, if this type of calendar should be used more universally. These further extensions are written down in my booklet “Creating a New Language”. All my work can be obtained from my site described below.

            The reason I am circulating this calendar is to persuade people to have a look at my website, where I put all the books I have written (about Green Living and stopping Climate Change). If you think that this is a sensible calendar then you might think all the other work I have done could be sensible too. Just Google - Bryden Allen (My contact details are here as well.)



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