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Practicality and Spare Time

The easiest way of checking whether a procedure will work or not is to check whether it has been worked successfully before. And the two cases where it applied to the whole of Australia occurred during our two World Wars. Admittedly there was a lot of suffering during these wars. But this suffering was caused by the physical fighting, and not by the nature of the Special Period itself. So a Special Period can most definitely work.
            During these wars, about half of the total employment of our nation was involved with providing the normal necessities of life.  The other half of employment was involved in many jobs associated with the war effort e.g. my Dad, an Astronomer, made lens for our military telescopes. So, if essential, half our population could be re-employed to solve a particular crisis during a Special Period.



But now, to get our minds in focus, we should be aware of, which jobs in our nation are essential (to provide the necessities of life), and which jobs are non-essential. So I shall now list out all the various jobs under the following two headings.


            The Essential Jobs of the Nation 


To obtain this list, we must clearly return to the items I termed essential in my “All people will receive the Necessities of Life” webpage. They were roughly the items given in the following headings.


1)         A good healthy diet
            So our government must first be certain that our food supply is fully maintained. Thus all our farmers and the people, who form the food chain, which assures that this food arrives in the homes of the people who need it in good order, must certainly be fully supported. Food should always be the first requirement for a nation to provide their people with.


2)         Accommodation
            Clearly all people must have adequate accommodation. But the fact is that in Australia we have probably an excess of accommodation. All we need to do is to make sure that all the large houses with spare rooms are filled up by the people who need them i.e. a billeting system should be provided. So most of people associated with the building industry can instead turn all their efforts to building other facilities e.g. for stopping Climate Change, this would be installing the green energy facilities we need.


3)         Adequate medical, nursing and hospital facilities
            These facilities are essential. So all doctor, nurses, therapists and their various helpers are definitely on our essential list.


4)         Education
            It is not clear that, during a Special Period, education should be carried out to the same degree as we do at the moment. Clearly our infants must still be looked after and our children must be educated. But, in past ages, young people often learnt their skills in the process of working in the area. e.g. ias apprentices. We need to encourage this process to occur more often. So, for Climate Change, some of our tertiary students can help with the sophisticated tasks like manufacturing PV panels, windmills or extracting energy from waves. And the older children at school should be allowed to get useful jobs, without suffering the stigma that is tending to happen at the moment. All previous ages got on without the amount of education we have at the moment. And, during the emergency situations, tertiary education is often suspended (e.g. in the two world wars). And similarly during wars some of the older retired teachers (like myself) are dragged back into the education system to act as temporary teachers. This all could happen again.


5)         Public Services
            There are a large number of public services that are absolutely essential. Thus water, energy, communications, banking, public transport, law enforcement and government representation must continue to operate as efficiently as possible. So all these people must continue to be fully employed.


6)         Manufacture
            Over the last couple of decades, China has been producing all our required manufactured goods very cheaply indeed - so most of our houses are now crammed full of goods we don’t really need. It would be great blessing for most of us to simply rid of all the items we don’t want. So mostly we don’t need any further manufactured goods. If a person doesn’t have the item that they need, then the easiest thing to do is to simply buy (or borrow) the item from of one of their neighbours. In general, whatever manufacturing capacity we still retain should be redirected to manufacturing the essential new items, which will help in this crisis period.



            The Non-Essential Jobs of the Nation 


I think the non-essential jobs are the following:
1)         New construction – thus we certainly don’t want any more luxury large new homes.
2)         Manufacture of luxury and non-essential items.
3)         Insurance – because the government will take care of any disasters.
4)         Investment banking – because the government will decide what needs to be invested in the country.
5)         Tertiary education – because, as a temporary measure, it is best if young people learn about their new activities at work.
6)         Advertising – the only people who think that the country needs the advertising industry are the people employed in the industry.
7)         Gambling - and clearly there must also be strong limitations on the usage of alcohol and drugs.
8)         There must be limits on the usage of private cars.
9)         Finally there must be limits on some amusement activities.
If you study these lists, then I think you will come to the same conclusion, which was found during our two World Wars. This was that only about half our population need to be engaged in our essential activities. So there ought to be plenty of time to deal with whatever crisis should be threatening our nation.


I think you should now return to my A Special Period webpage and remind yourselves why Special Periods can be so very useful and beneficial. (And before you go away and you forget all you have now read.)


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