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Political Fundamentals

This diagram demonstrates very clearly how inequitable

the wealth of the US has become.

My first set of webpages are my most important as they deal with the fundamental problem of measuring what is a good society. The whole of science is based on the fact that we can measure different attributes. So, if we wish to apply scientific principles to politics, we must be able to measure different political qualities in an unbiased manner. My introduction to this problem is called Measures of a Good Society.
            My first sub-webpage deals with our standardly recognised measures. These are Economic Growth, Wealth and Low Footprint. Here I have to point out that these three different measures are mutually contradictory. So when a country has good Economic Growth or great Wealth then it is very hard for the country to support a Low Footprint. So this is a very fundamental problem. This webpage is called Current Measures – Economic Growth, Wealth, Low Footprint. So each of these current measures give a biased view of whether a country is doing well or not. It purely depends on a person’s personal point of view of the world.
            But fortunately we all know from past history that equality, freedom, democracy and variety are all unquestionably good characteristics of any society. So it is very important that these characteristics are periodically measured. So this what my next four webpages do. They are: Equality Measures”. “Freedom Measures”, “Democracy Measures” and “Variety Measures”. These measuring processes are not obvious and some of them are completely ignored. Usually the leaders of a country do not wish to be told that their country is not being run as well as it could be. This is why these measures are usually ignored.


My next webpage is called Known Mathematical Political Results. This webpage is fairly short because there are only four generally recognised known mathematical results. Nevertheless these results do introduce people to the problems associated with this difficult subject. So they ought to be known.


Almost all the people, who are likely to read this webpage, live in a democracy. And all of us agree that a democratic process is the best way of running a country. But we are also acutely aware of the limitations of this democratic process – and a few of us might wonder if there might be a better form of democracy, which we could consider instead. This webpage is designed for such people.
            Most of us live in a democracy, which is based on two main rival parties. Such systems have some very important advantages. The democracies, which I design, do not have these two rival parties. But these systems are a lot more democratic and they are fairer to all people. But these societies do not have the important advantages of the 2-party democracy systems. Thus I have a webpage called Pure, Visible Democracy – versus – Current Democracies, and this describes what these advantages and disadvantages are, and why these differences must exist. This is not an easy question.


A problem that almost all people recognise is The Difficulty of Reforming a Society. In this webpage, I outline all these problems. And then I explain the various techniques I use in my books (and these webpages) to overcome these various problems.



This diagram shows problems can get worse.

In the developed world we now mostly live very comfortably and we have every expectation that this present life will continue. My next set of webpages I explain why this expectation is false. My webpage called “The Unstable Nature of Life” introduces the general topic. Then the following webpages,
A Utopian Period in my Life”, “We always accept the Easiest Path”, “Our five Serious Current Problems”, “How Our Problems Evolve and get Worse explain how the situation gradually gets worse.
Fortunately these problems associated with degeneration can be solved. I do this in my webpage called Solving All Problems in One Go.
           Of course this work is all related to our current various financial debt problems. But I explain how the whole problem is a lot more endemic, and how it affects many more regions of your life, than you might think. The accompanying shrunk diagram demonstrates how complex the situation is.





My next webpage is highly debatable – it is called The Degenerate Species. I try to point out that the civilised life, which we all now enjoy, is a little out line with the normal evolution of life.

The next set of webpages is about   “The Four Fundamental Problems – that Civilization Must Face”. And the four problems, which this webpage deals with, are: “Pollution”, “Wealth Accumulation”, “Autonomy and the Support Problem” and the “Ownership and Sovereignty of Land”.


So far in this webpage, I have talked about a large number of difficult problems. But I, being a positive sort of person, always give a solution to these problems.
            So far my solutions have been of two different kinds. The first kind of solution was to start a new small society. This kind of solution is described in my Green Living - book”(pdf). My other kind of solution is described in my webpage called A Special Period. In this solution the whole country changes its direction of progress for a few years.
            The trouble with my first solution is that it means people must move to a new community. Such moving can be very disruptive. The trouble with my second solution is that some how the majority of the population of the whole country have to be persuaded to change its ways. This is going to be very difficult to do.
            In my webpage called  A Safe Village Governmental Element – Should Disaster Strike, I offer another option. In this option I show how group of people could persuade their neighbours to form semi-independent community in a normal city suburb. And this little community then could look after its on safety - should any disaster strike. This could be a much easier option to implement


In my webpage called “The Far Distant Future and Negativism”, I show how human life can continue on into the very far distant future – provided that only a small group of people take their continued future existence rather seriously.


Then I give “A Summary of my Political Solutions”. I try to keep this summary as brief as possible.


All this work can be understood in terms of “Equality of Opportunity should be the basis of all Political Forms”. This is what I do in this very important webpage.


When a country, like Syria, breaks down into separate fighting factions, it becomes very hard to know how to help either of the factions fairly. I try to give an idea of how this could be done in this last webpage called “Helping other Nations in Trouble”.



My next normal webpage is Measures of a Good Society.


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