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Oxford - 1965-1967

       Oxford, UK (age - 25-28)

I married Noela and we went to the UK for the next 3 years. I continued my research at Oxford University and Culham Laboratory. I climbed with the OUMC quite a lot. Tim was born here.


My activities here are decribed a little in my Academic Activities webpage.


We had a very pleasant wedding in Mill Hill at my old church with my old friends at my parents home. But suits never seems to fit me properly. So I will not dwell on this important event.



I climbed a lot with the Oxford University Mountaineering

Club (OUMC). This is a camping scene, when we camped

with them at Labarade, France.


This is Hugh Woodland who I climbed

with a lot.




















This is Peter Riddy climbing at Harrison's rocks

south of London. I met Peter at Oxford and

we have been friends ever since.

(he came to live in Australia also)





This Leslie Wallis, also from the OUMC,

climbing at Harrison's rocks as well.


























Tim was born here.

(This photo is taken in the backgarden

of our house in Wallingford)



Me, Noela and infant Tim






















Me and Tim





David, Tim and Noela





















Clabon, Margaret and Hillary - and - Me, Tim and Noela - together at Mill Hill



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