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This picture shows how all these hamlets will cluster around to form a rather fine looking village. But your natural reaction will probably be to think "why don't we just forget all about these hamlets and let the village run the whole operation". This is what most people tend to think in this world.
            But in this life of ours, some problems are easy - and other problems are hard. Building a village is a relatively easy problem. Governing a village in a just and fair manner is a really hard problem. (I should know because I have been studying this problem for most of my life.) The solution I give here of - allowing the hamlets to govern themselves and then their 16 representatives to govern the village centre - makes the total governmental village problem much easier. So this is why I have structured the whole village community in the way I have. I will discuss this general problem again later.




This more detailed picture of the village centre shows some possible buildings and the activities that could occur in these buildings. But there is no point in being too specific – all villages can be completely different. Thus the various buildings could be either one or two storeys high. I will start with the building on the top-right. And then I will go in clockwise direction around the buildings.





This building will house all the learning facilities, which you would expect of a community of this size (1600 people). So this building houses: a small infants school, a small primary school, and a library.









This building will house most of the pleasant relaxing activities of the community. So the building would contain: a pub, cafes, eating-places, a small market, shops, and minor repair facilities.






This building will contain the more difficult activities of the village community. So this includes: a medical centre, a garage for mending the village vehicles, appliance repairs, and agricultural facilities to help the hamlets with their agricultural problems.




This final building will mostly be the administrative centre. This building must contain a good-sized hall. Here the 16 representatives of the hamlets, and the elected officers of the village community, will probably meet twice a week and govern the activities of the village centre. These meetings must take place in the hall, and then all village members can attend at the back and listen to what goes on. Only representatives and officers will normally speak. If a normal person wants to speak then they must go to their own representative (or the relevant officer on the subject) to obtain permission. Then their speaking time will add their representative's allocated speaking time. (I don't believe that some people have the automatic right to waste other people's time.)
            The hamlet representatives will of course elect the officers of the village at these weekly meetings. Each election should take several meetings. Also no representative can also be an officer in the village (there would be a conflict of interests).
            This building must have small rooms for all its various officers. Also this building ought to have rooms for the clubs and societies of the village to store their gear and have small meetings.
            Finally this hall must house a good village dance every Saturday night. Life without such a village dance is unthinkable for all sane sociable people.


The very centre of the village is allocated to be the place where people leave and return to the village.
            If this village does not belong to a town-state, then this transport would consist of small buses going to the local town or city.
If this village does belong to the Town-State, then at this point there will be a lift and stair-well leading down to the village underground station. (See "Our Transportation System".)

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