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Our Three Incentives

The 3 great incentives, which we all recognise, are “money”, “fame” and “liberty”. In my communities, I recognise these same incentives and they have been described in detail in my webpages on “Finance and Remuneration”, “Information and Recognition” and “Citizenship Levels”. The purpose of this short webpage is simply to show the difference: between my 3 incentives; and the incentives of the outside world.


This picture shows how our "money"

system works.


As regards “money”, my incentive to gain money is much weaker, because people are only allowed to gain their “fair of the community assets”. This incentive is good enough for all the normal mundane daily activities of life. But this money certainly won’t lead to “fame” and “glory” - as it can in the outside world.
















This picture show how our

"recognition" system works.


As regards “fame”, you can get a lot more fame in the outside world, because there are far more people there to recognise your fame. But I, and all the people I know, are not famous at all. So in my communities, most normal people just get “recognition” for the good works they do: either as officers; or in the works they do in normal clubs and societies. And we will supply this information ourselves in our many webpages (a bit like Facebook). In my system, “recognition” will be a more important incentive than “money” – after all, citizens will normally spend twice as much time in gaining “recognition” than “money”.









This picture shows how our

"citizenship" system works.


As regards “liberty”, my system is a lot more subtle. In the outside world, a person can lose their liberty by being sent to jail. In my system there are no jails at all. But people can lose citizenships and then these people’s capacity for enjoyment will be greatly curtailed. I’m afraid you must read this webpage (“Citizenship Levels” ) carefully to realise that my system will be a much fairer system for all people.


I think I provide a much fairer system of incentives, which we stimulate all people to develop in a sensible healthy manner. But I’m not sure most people actually want a fair system. It is far easier to simply "believe in money", which is what most people do in the current world.


My next normal webpage is: "Education and Welfare".


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Updated on 14/11/2016.