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Our Recognition Tower

I will describe the physical nature o f this tower and its simple physical purpose first of all. After doing this I will describe the more difficult purpose of this tower (giving recognition to the correct people of this state).

The adjacent picture shows the general form of the tower. I chose this shape mainly because I thought that this form could attain a reasonable height without being too expensive to build. So the central tower is only 5 m wide and its height is 250 m. I chose the triangular support system because it pleased my aesthetic sense, and I thought this form could still do its job well. (Besides the rest of my plans have all been too rectangular.) I am assuming that the walls of the tower and the supports are one metre thick. These walls could be made thinner if this thickness was unnecessary. The space inside the tower would not be used.

            The physical purpose of the tower is let people walk to the top of the tower and look down with pride at the huge expanse of glorious green villages beneath them (which they have created). And of course these people will be having some good exercise at the same time. And the climbers in this state can enjoy themselves by putting up various climbing routes on the three support structures.

To understand the nature of the walk up, you need to look at the more detailed pictures. I have only made the path 1.5 m wide. So people will need to walk close together. I have added some ladders so that people can pass other parties, who are walking too slowly. You will notice that the three supporting structures will offer the walkers some good protection, if the weather turns bad.

I am assuming that some people will wish to ascend this tower by night. Thus there will be telescopes at the top, where people will be able study their space colony in detail as it passes overhead.
            And of course this whole tower points to the heavens, which is the essential purpose of this whole little state. The green bunch of bushes is supposed to represent that we will be trying to bring some life out in the distant space. So perhaps our whole universe can eventually become a more exciting place for us all to live in.


To see the nature of my proposed "recognition" you must look at this even more detailed picture. So every person in this state with have a testimonial page (A4) on this tower telling the world precisely how they have helped in creating our new space colony. And the people who are climbing this tower will be studying these pages as they proceed upwards.


How this total recognition operation is best done is difficult to decide. These are my various suggestions.


1)          This recognition should only be given to activities, which are done in "free-time". Work done in paid-time receives a monetary reward, so this work does not need any recognition. So this recognition is just for various free-time activities. And the most important of these activities is helping to create our new space colony.

2)          The simplest measure of this work is simply the total amount time people spend in the various relevant buildings doing this important space work. So the total time this person spends in the relevant buildings must appear on these pages.

3)          Then, of course, the various people in charge of these space-related activities must confirm that the people in their buildings used their time productively, while they were within these buildings. And of course these officers must also support any claims that any person makes about doing something particularly important.

4)          People in these testimonials can also tell of their other free-time activities in other fields e.g. work done in the various societies, clubs or helping at the hospital etc.

5)          There is another type of free-time activity, which must also receive a lot of recognition in these testimonials. Recognition must be given to people, who successfully have and bring up children. This recognition would apply very strongly to the parents of those children, who are very keen to continue this good space work in the future.

6)          These testimonials need to be ordered in some manner, so that people can easily read about the various people, whom they are particularly interested in. So people from the same village or hamlet should appear together. And it is best that these testimonials appear at a point on the path where this village or hamlet can be easily seen.
Also it might be nice to put together those people, who have done more work for our space colony. So these people could go closer to the top of the tower.

7)          These testimonials probably need to be updated every year.

There needs to be special department in the government, which looks after these complex recognition matters. Then people would come to this department, if they feel that some people were not getting the recognition they ought to receive. However, even if this recognition system was not perfect, this system will still guide people to spend their free-time in those activities, which will be strongly appreciated by the whole community.

People at the top of these towers should also be able to see some large wild-life parks in the far distance. My next webpage called "A Related System of Wildlife Parks and States" describes how such a wonderful system could work.


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Updated on 14/11/2016.