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Our Citizenship Incentive System


In this society the incentive associated with people gaining money has been weakened. Instead I give an incentive associated with "Our Recognition Tower". But there is another incentive system associated with gaining citizenship of the various levels of society. So this is what this webpage will be about.

In this society each Hamlet, each Village Centre and the Town Centre itself will have a citizenship requirement. And even then this citizenship will usually take two forms – a student and a full citizenship form. And all these levels must be obtained before a person can have the full rights of using all the facilities associated with the region they wish to enter. Clearly a person must first pass an exam showing they know the rules of the society they are entering. And a person must show a past record of a reasonably reliable character. So in these kinds of communities, the gaining of citizenships can now be more important than money.


I go through the details of such possible requirements in my Green Living book. And in my "The Wonder Plant – novel" section 4 on the Isle of Wight, I give a detailed account of how this citizenship system could work out in practise.


These various citizenships may also be lost. So I thought I should now give an example of how this system might work. It is best if I give a very serious case.



Suppose a guy A kills a guy B after a drunken brawl outside the town mall. But to make the situation more questionable, both these guys were keen on the same girl.
            So friends of B go to the membership department and present their case. This department studies the case and presents their case to the House of Representatives. Let us suppose the House rescinds A's membership indefinitely – so they consider the case to be very serious.
            If A has citizenship of another country then they can return there - but of course the town will give this country the full details of the case. Let us suppose the home country refuses to accept the person back. So now A has to retreat to his village and his home hamlet. But both his village and his hamlet might refuse to take back him as well. Then all the other villages and hamlets could accept this person instead. But all these communities and people might also refuse to accept him as well.
            This effectively means that this person A must return to their home in their hamlet without any rights. And now all the higher levels of government won't even know if the person exists, because they have already rejected any responsibility for A's future existence. In his own hamlet, these home people might still recognise A as a reasonably reliable character, who has just had a moment of madness. So they support him and give him work. But, if A had a very bad record as well, then these home people might also give up on him. So they might put him in the cooler cubicle for a few hours. The hamlet would then have a big meeting about what to do with him. If one person was prepared to take full responsibility for him, then the meeting would probably allow this person to take on this responsibility. But if not, the meeting might decide he was just too much of a problem. So some carbon monoxide might be injected into his cubicle and his body would be recycled.
            This is a very extreme case. This society avoids the huge expense of having judges, lawyers, policemen, gaols and warders - so that just a few dubious characters can be safely looked after. And our current complex Western system does not protect the innocent people very well at all. This is because, when a person comes out of prison, they can still go wherever they like. And then many such people do reoffend in regions where they are unknown. (In America one person murdered 300 people before getting caught. So don't now tell me that current judicial systems really work well.) These terrible problems could not happen in the system I am proposing at all.

This then is an alternative simple community judicial system, which I personally would vastly prefer. I could give a huge amount of further detail explaining why this system will make most forms of crime almost impossible to carry out. But this would take too long to write - and I have written this all down elsewhere. (My Society of Choice book covers the subject in the greatest detail.)

Finally it is time for you to read about going out into space. So my next webpage is about "Building and Launching our Rockets".


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