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Myself, Safety and Enjoyment

Currently people are talking about sending eight people out to Mars with the hope of starting a colony there. Now clearly this will be an insanely risky venture. But I am still very glad that these people are trying to do this. This is not a path I would take myself. But, if some people want to take a risk, then I fully support them. It is far better for some people to die while trying to help life grow - rather than be like most people on Earth, who simply sit down and do nothing.
Now I personally have had a lot of experience of ascending up into unknown regions. This has occurred in all the various climbing first ascents I have made. Thus the following pictures show four of these important first ascents.




I did all these first ascents when I was young - and then I didn't mind taking risks. (But I still thought more about my safety than a lot of other climbers did at that time.) But I have grown older and wiser since then. Of course now I can't climb at all. But before my accident, when I put up a new climb, I wanted this climb to be repeated. This means that such a climb must be enjoyable and safe. Now, to make a climb safe you must first remove any loose rocks. And then you must put in plenty of bolts for protection. But besides this, a climber must be able to get off the climb, if the weather turns very bad. So this means that there should be ring-bolts, so that a person can always abseil to the ground from any point on the climb. Most climbers just forget about this problem – but not me. I like to look after my safety and think about the safety of future parties.
            The same circumstances should apply when we try to ascend into space. We should always be able to return to Earth if something goes wrong. We certainly won't be able to do this from Mars.

But making our ascent into space enjoyable must also be enormously important.
            To make a rock climb enjoyable there are a few things a climber has to do. The first item is to make the access to and from the climb reasonable. So I have spent a considerable amount of time creating reasonable tracks to my climbs (Australian scrub can become horribly thick and scratchy). But I can't say that there is likely to be much scrub on the way up into space. So we don't need to worry about this matter at least.
            But we humans are all very social animals. One aspect of this social nature means that climbers need to write guidebooks - so that other climbers know their climbs exist and which climbs are worth doing. And I have also engaged in this activity. Thus my "" is on this very site. And of course this is what I am trying to do at this very moment about a possible route up into space (for a normal set of people, who are not supported by a government).


But the main aspect of this social nature is that we humans want to be associated with many other people in the activities we engage in. So in climbing we form clubs to enjoy this activity with other people. And then we build huts to meet climbers at night. In NSW we often find it easier to sleep in various caves, which we all know about. And I have done all these things many times.
            In space this social nature means that this society must be reasonably large. So my final Space Colony will have 500 people. At the moment we like to live in cities with about a million people. We don't really need this number. But I think we do need at least 500.
            The criterion, which I think is essential, is that there should be enough people to support a good Saturday night dance. And when you remember there must be an even spread of all ages and sexes I think a colony needs 500 people. (This still only gives between 3 or 4 people of each sex and age per year). Of course I am a little biased on the necessity of a weekly community dance. But, when a person is thinking about a marriage partner, then people like to look around. This is what often happens in other social animals. Animals are often happy to form small groups to work and live with. But when they mate they like to look further afield within their local tribal area.
            This same situation applies in education, playing games and other artistic interests. I feel we need 500 people to make life fun and enjoyable. Only with this number of people can a society represent a good variety of different kinds of human characters and enjoy life in a normal manner. Certainly being left alone on Mars as a small party for years on end would be horrible in the extreme – and then probably dying alone. My plan is all about enjoying oneself. The plan I am giving will provide a wonderful experience for the people associated with all parts of the project.

Because this community must be reasonably large then the Town-State, which makes this colony, must also be reasonably large. But 100,000 people is not all that many. Eventually we should able to enrol this number of people.
            So, given time, this whole project can be done safely and enjoyably.

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