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Since completing my Green Living book, I have been busy writing a series of novel-length stories. And in these stories most of the characters live in green communities. The purpose of these stories is to try to get people to be slightly more emotionally involved with the problems of green living. If you think of normal people living in these communities, then it tends to make the whole concept more real. At least that is what happens to me. I read the stories again and I feel such communities could exist. So I rethink all the various problems over in my mind again. And then I actually remember some of the essential facts. Probably most people need to regurgitate all the advantages and problems of green living for several months before the essential facts are really remembered. And these various stories could help this regurgitation process.
            Now I know very few people will ever read my stories. But this doesn’t matter. It only takes one or two young people to start a green community movement going - if they really know what they are doing. So just a very few number of people might read these stories. But these very few people might actually do something and get the whole ball rolling. And so a green self-sufficiency community movement might start to happen. So I don’t need to convert the whole world. Future generations can do that when they find that green living actually works.
            The sequence of the novels is in terms of the size of the communities involved. So the community in The Voice of the Fire” is about 20 people whereas the community in The Wonder Plant is many thousands (i.e. fully independent). This sequence is also the order in which these stories were written.


The first of these stories is called The Voice of the Fire .
            This story demonstrates how just a few very dedicated people can start a complete green community from scratch. I think it is terribly important that people realise that anyone, who was really keen, could start this whole green ball rolling. All that it needs is a reasonable amount of time.
           The name of the story comes from one of Louis MacNiece’s poems called the “Streets of Laredo”. The poem appears in an old Sydney of University songbook, which the community use when they have their weekly campfire. The performance of this song is woven into the story line.
            Please click on – The Voice of the Fire – novel”(pdf) if you wish to read this full story.



The No-Boots Club story deals with a group of people living in a very self-sufficient hamlet of 100 people. (This is the community, which my Green Living book is mostly about).
            The story starts with a group’s canyon trip down the Wollangambe River. The heroine of the story then gets herself into trouble by rather exuberantly playing a game called “Ant Wars”. And then the story deals with the subsequent lives of these people (who live in a green community). In this story, the normal life in a self-sufficient green community is described in reasonable detail. The story also deals with the formation of a village community and a self-sufficient green city community.
            Please click on The No-Boots Club – novel”(pdf) if you wish to read the full story.



Sandstone and Clock-Towers is the third of my stories. This story is mostly about climbing. But the heroine of the story, near the end of the story, starts to form a green independent self-sufficient town/state community. And so the problems associated with this kind of endeavour are discussed.
            Please click on Sandstone and Clock-Towers – novel”(pdf) if you wish to read the full story.









This last story is related to the “Day of the Triffids” story. In this story the scientific community develops a The Wonder Plant to help people recycle their waste (and mow lawns, take CO2 out the atmosphere etc). But these many Wonder Plants turn on their human inventors. The story is then mostly about human survival, and how self-sufficient communities can help enormously in this important process.

            Please click on The Wonder Plant – novel”(pdf) if you with to find out more about the full story.









This is the badge, which is referred to in the story.

Corbenic College”(pdf) is the first story I wrote. But this story would be a bit too complex for most people.

I can't really recommend this story at this stage. (But this story has the most subtle ending of all my stories.)












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