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I wrote the following webpage in 2014 when the Democrats were doing very badly in the polls. But since then the Democrats have been doing quite well. So this webpage has become less relevant. But this webpage still emphasies a different path, which we could all follow to solve our inequality political problems.



Hi Barack

You were elected to the Presidency of the US with huge applause from the world all over (myself included). But now the people in the US have turned against you. If I was is your shoes, I would feel a bit depressed (but you, as a good politician, know you can't do this - so you still present a good confidant face to the world).
          Also, as far as I can see, you have done everything absolutely correctly. Particularly in the overseas policy everything you have done is completely perfect - and this has been difficult with the huge military establishment trying to make you indulge in further military actions, which will never work out.
          And your home policy has been as good as possible given the immense restrictions that you have had to face.


So, why have you not been able to do what you said at the beginning when you said "We Can".
          Because, obviously, you couldn't. You might be the president of the US but now the rich of the US own almost all the assets of your country. And it is these people who hire all the people in your country and decide how their working people shall be remunerated. And most of these rich people belong to the Republican party who are your opponents. There is almost nothing you can do in this situation. The best you can do is to just sit and suffer - and dream that the Republican Party will make worse balls-up of the situation than your party has in the future.


But, rejoice, when your time of suffering is over in two years time, then you can act (as in your "We Can" slogan). In the following picture I show a Green Village Community, which is self-sufficient in food, water and energy.

In this egalitarian community, all people really will have an equal opportunity to progress because we simply stop the rich people getting richer (by not being allowing them to work for a while). So the assets of the country can always be passed on to the younger generation as they start to work. So this society will always remain egalitarian (but all people will have a lot of free time later in life). This all described in detail in all the many webpages of my huge website. ("A Green Village Community" is the best webpage to start with.)

But will this community all work? I, as a mathematician, have done all the very detailed sums that show it should work (and in an extremely democratic manner). But this job can all be done in a very gradual manner. I am trying to do the first stage in Australia (shown below).

          This first stage is to form a Hamlet Community of 100 people. 16 of my hamlets communities can be combined to form a Green Village Community of 1600 people. This can be your job because will know many more people than I do. And you will basically know it will work because I will have already checked it out in the smaller Hamlet form. (This is partly described in my "A Green Community" webpage.)


But, of course, neither of us knows what the future holds for us both. However, if we can succeed in doing this task, then we will have achieved the greatest task that can be done on this Earth. Eventually this action could result in a better and fuller life for all people on Earth.
          So this is a task worth trying to do. And we can both help each other. Please have a look at my website and think about it all. (All our free time can be used eventually to create a Space Colony. But this is a different more complex story (this is on my website as well).)
          If you read my website, then you will see that I am well qualified to do a task like this. And, if you want to consider this task seriously, then I will physically send my 10 books to you to read at your leisure (they are on my website - but I think it is tedious to read longish books on the web).
          Of course there is only a remote chance that you will ever read this email in the first place (you must be a very busy guy). But I will put this email on my website as a webpage and also on Facebook. Then the world can see that I have at least tried to help you (and so help this world to progress in a saner manner).


I hope we can both help each other,


I sent this email to Barak Obama. But I think his many "minders" would have made sure he did not receive it. But I at least tried to put this very different alternative to him.



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Updated on 14/11/2016.