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Mt Stromlo - 1940-1951

Mt Stromlo, Canberra (age - 0-11)

I spent my childhood in our family house very close to the observatory on Mt Stromlo (my Dad was an astronomer working there). We were fairly self-sufficient there and I milked the goats. Looking back at this life, I realise I had a perfect childhood here.


This webpage merely contains the family photos of this period of my life. To learn more about what happened during this period of my life, then some of the details are in My Dad” webpage.


This is a photo of my parents when they were young and just moved into their

new house on Mt Stromlo. The baby will be Clabon.


Me as a toddler


Mum, me and Fitzy our dog

at the front of our house



































Me slightly older


Clabon, Russell and me in our back garden





















Russell and me holding baby David - in the rougher area of our back garden



Our house with our goats in front

Me riding one of our goats
















For my last two years in Australia (when I was 10 and 11) my main household duty was to milk and feed our goats morning and night. This wasn’t always easy (sometimes they were lost or they trod in the milk etc) but I suppose it was my main challenge. I imagine the trials and tribulations associated with this task formed my character. I still like goats – they are wonderful animals (if at times rather perverse).



Clabon, Russell, David and me playing in the Cotter river.


A family group of cousins, uncles etc (I am second from the left)



Us four children at Kambah Pool

Clabon and me






















This is us four brothers when we were staying with our grand parents in NZ.


Also in NZ with relations there.


This time me and Clabon when in NZ


Us four brothers again


Us four brothers with a new Australian called Uldus from Latvia


Previous to this moment, our family had a Canary-yellow Austin 7 car, which we

all piled into as best we could. But then finally we moved into a more conventional

car. We took this car with us to the UK.




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