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Long-Term Safety and Human Goals


I started this whole work with that quote from Stephen Hawking.

Either - we colonize space within the next 200 years and build residential units there,
            Or – we will face the prospect of long-term extinction.

And this quote implies that the purpose of this work is to make sure that human life (and life in general) will continue to exist in this universe of ours. And this quote is certainly true.

            The quote, as written, says we should try to do this big task in the next couple of hundred years. But this time period is questionable. I think we could easily build a colony like I am suggesting in the next couple of hundred years. But it would be doubtful if such a colony would significantly add to the continued safety of human life. Such a colony would have great difficulty in existing without further help from Earth. Only when there are many such self-sufficient colonies, with independent access to materials, can life confidently continue without help from Earth. And this development may take a thousand years.
            I am fairly sure now that Stephen Hawkins would feel the same way. When I first looked at the quote on the Internet, it said a couple of hundred years. The current quote now says a thousand years. So he probably feels the same way. (I have left the quote as it was because it implies that we should try to start on the problem in our own lifetime. And this is what I want.)

However we don't really need to worry too much about our immediate safety. My Town-State, with its enclosed agriculture and its extensive underground retreat tunnels, could cope with almost any conceivable disaster. And, if the rest of the world took safety seriously as well, it also could cope with most disasters. It is just the simple fact that – being safe is boring. It is much more fun to build big cities with incredibly high apartments blocks. For the life of me, I can't image what all these millions of people are supposed to be doing with their lives in these high-rise apartments. But this is their problem.

            So we could all cope with future – if we took our future lives seriously. But very few people want to do this. But this is OK. If most people wish to forget all about their future, let them do so. It only requires a small number of people to rebuild our human race, if our extremely stupid lifestyle results in a total disaster.

I think our real problem on Earth now is – we don't know what we should be doing with our lives. Most of the media is telling us that we must increase our economic growth. So we can enjoy: building bigger houses; driving more sophisticated cars; and going on more overseas trips. But we really know that this solution is wrong because it means we will be using more of our world's resources. And this means our current world's variety of wildlife will be destroyed. So we shouldn't be doing this.
            A smaller section of the media is telling us that we will be all right, if we support a better education system and give more facilities to our health system. But there is no evidence that these ideas work as well. The US spends a very high percentage of its total income on education and health. However, in fact the levels of education and health, which this country actually achieves, are not high at all (other countries, who spend much less money, on these facilities do far better). And the quality of life of the average person in the US is getting worse.
            So we are all very confused as to what we should be doing with our lives.

But there is one section of our world, which has no doubt at all as to what it should be doing in this world. This is all the world's wildlife – both flora and fauna. They have a very simple goal – their job is to expand. And they do this expansion to the utmost of their abilities. So they use all the stratagems they can conceive to increase the number of their offspring. So, when animals have nothing to do, these animals try to have more children. And this constant fighting to increase their offspring has resulted in the huge variety of life we see in the world today. This process results in the "survival of the fittest". This is the very reason why evolution has occurred.

            But, of course, we humans cannot do this. We are not Homo Sapiens for nothing. We know that such expansion will result in a huge amount of fighting and suffering. Also we have become far too clever for our own good. If we try to expand too much, we will destroy the very variety of wildlife that supports us. We humans are not sensible enough to limit any possible expansion. (I, of course, do give a solution to this expansion problem - described in my "A Related System of Wildlife Parks and States" webpage. But no one will read anything I write.)


So – what should be doing with our lives? Well I claim that we should be trying to go out into space. And, if we do this, we will be fulfilling the very nature of life itself. We will be expanding life. And in this expansion we will not be causing any destruction at all to the life that already exists on this Earth of ours. So this is what we ought to be doing.
            And besides this, this action now gives us all a clear purpose in life. If at some point in our life we don't know what to do with our life, we can just help with the job of expanding into space. And in so doing we are helping with the expansion of all life. If we do this, then we can die with a peaceful heart knowing that "we have done our best".



So it is possible to continue to support the expansion ethic of life,
without enduring any suffering as a consequence of this action.


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