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In the current world, we mostly rely on the various forms of mass-media to inform us about what is going on. And this information is naturally slanted in favour of the various bodies who own or control the mass-media outlets. Clearly, in our independent green communities, we must provide our own relevant information about what is going on in our own little communities. And here we must make sure that all the individuals and bodies can express their own views in a fair manner. And from this information all people should receive recognition for the good works they have done. This total task must naturally involve a significant amount of work by all the people involved.

            Fortunately, we now have the great internet system, which allows all people to say what they like in a fair, egalitarian manner. So this problem is now soluble by using similar private computer facilities.


The Internet is so massive that it could be hard find out the details about what is going on in our own local communities. So my idea is that there should be many private website systems, which all relevant citizens could access more easily. The following diagram shows how these different website systems should be used and updated by their many citizens. This structure might appear rather complex but it isn’t really. It is possible to duplicate entire systems very easily indeed. I do have a PhD in computing and I have written my own word-processing system. So I do know this subject quite well.

This pictures shows the various levels of these websites.


In the current world there is a general feeling that the more information people provide about other people with, then this will be better for everyone. I don’t think that this is entirely true. A community must supply its community members with all the information that is relevant to them. And citizens should be able to put their view on any subject in written form in their community web system. But who should receive this information needs careful thought. The diagram above expresses my feelings on this subject.


So all people can support their own websites, which all their local community members could read and update. But I think readers should be able to add comments at the bottom of webpages in the same way that people add comments to Facebook entries (with their name attached). I think this is a very important feature to add to all normal webpages in the various websites.


If all people add all the essential information of what they have done to help in all the many community activities, then all people should be able to assess how much all people have added to all the various communities’ well-being. So this total assessment would essentially be a person’s total recognition within the various communities. But, of course, most people would be completely overwhelmed by all the possible information that goes to make this total assessment.


So my suggestion is that all people should give an assessment of how they have contributed to the world in perhaps just 1,500 words i.e. about an A4 page of typing. (Much of this would simply be the officer positions this person has help over their life and the total amount of time they have given to free-time activities.) If some people feel this assessment wrong, then they can add a comment. If everyone basically agrees then this A4 page is OK, then this item can be put in my recognition tower at the centre of the town-centre. All people can study these recognition items as they have their exercise walking up and down this rather fine tower in the exact centre of our town-state.


This is our "Recognition

Tower at the very centre of

our Independent Town.


It is quite hard to give just recognition to all the perfectly normal average people of this world. In my web page called "Our Recognition Tower". I did this recognition in a different manner. You could read this webpage as well if you want to.


This picture shows a person looking at the

"recognition entries" on the tower.


The most important thing is that at least all people will know that their good free-time activities will be appreciated by some people. And all people have been given the opportunity to give an account of their own activities in their free-time.



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