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Helping other Nations in Trouble

This webpage is about helping countries like Syria whose citizens are clearly going through hell at the moment. But I want to delay this extremely difficult discussion till just a little later. First I want to point out how difficult it is to give anyone any genuine real help.


Now clearly the first people we should try to help are our own children. So people need to help their children prepare to enter this world and then to look after and support themselves. This isn’t easy - as I know from my own personal experience.
            My own parents did a magnificent job of helping me to prepare for life. So, from an early age, they taught me how to look after myself. So my parents gave me some easy jobs like making my own bed and doing some easy weeding in our garden. Then my dad gave me the much harder job of milking the goats – I became very proud of being able to do this job. For these various jobs, we brothers were paid pocket money. But then we were fined for any misdemeanours (at one stage I was fined a penny for every “bloody” word I used in my conversation). We were then given extra money for extra jobs (a shilling-an-hour was our rate of pay for looking after the younger children). So we were carefully taught how to become financially responsible. So at all times we were given a good incentive system to act in a socially beneficial manner.
            Finally, all of us children, I believe, became very useful members of our various societies.


In spite of the fact that I was taught so well myself, I’m afraid I didn’t manage to teach my own children anything like as well as this. It is jolly hard to give sensible jobs to your children and then to check that these jobs are done properly. So I slacked – as have most people of this modern city-living generation. It is very hard to help young people prepare to cope with real physical life. It is much easier to pretend to yourself that our educational system will do this job for you – even when you know perfectly well that this is completely untrue.
            But my own children have not turned out too bad – at least in comparison to many of the other children I know.
            So my experience of life is that it is incredibly hard to help people to cope with the activities that they will really need to do. The most important thing, which all people must have, is some work (which must be suitable for their abilities). Then this work will supply the income that these people will need for themselves and their future families. But our wonderful globalist economic system largely takes this choice of jobs out of the hands of the local people. So we have become powerless to look after our own lives. (The advice I give on this delicate subject is described in my My Advice to Young People"webpage.)
            Thus it is terribly hard to really help people in this current world.


But it is even harder to help nations, when they get into trouble. So the US has spent many trillions of dollars trying to help Iraq and Pakistan with their internal problems. But, after all this aid and many deaths on both sides, both these counties don’t appear to be any better off than before. Back at home in Australia, our various governments have spent many billions of dollars trying to help our indigenous people. But the latest reports say that our indigenous people are still no better off. So it is really hard to help nations (or even sections of a nation).

           But I still believe that there are circumstances when some sections of troubled nations can be helped enormously. So we should try to do this. But it will be very hard.
            Fairly clearly the only people, whom we can really help, are those people who are prepared to really buckle-down and help themselves. Now in my “Green Living – book” (and in my other works) I have studied this problem in detail. So, to my very simple-minded thinking, I believe that all the people, who want to be helped, will have to accept three rather extreme conditions. These are:
1)         Almost all people will have move and then to live for some time in rather primitive conditions. (Until these people have built their own preferred accommodation.) This movement is essential because I am assuming that this section of the country is extremely unhappy with the government of the country. Usually this section feels that they are being penalised in an extreme manner by the current government. So they must move to a situation where they can all look after themselves.
2)         To support themselves, all people must have land to grow their own food. But no person can demand more land than the average person can have, when the country’s land has been fairly divided out between all its people. So this group of people must limit their demands on the amount of land they can use.
3)         All the people, who want to be helped, must form communities to live and support themselves. But all the people in each community must be able to get on with each other and elect compatible leaders. Therefore, before these communities are formed, all people must write down give their own personal particulars and abilities. And then every person must check that they will be compatible with all the other people living in these possible communities (which they are trying to form). Meeting all these possible community companions (and checking their compatibility) will involve a huge amount of time and effort. This is an enormously difficult task.


So, forming a new just independent sub-community is going to be a very difficult task. But, if I was living in Syria myself, then this is what I would be trying to do. And I would be prepared to carry out all the necessary work to create a new, just, democratic, equality-based society.
           But then it would help enormously if some like-minded people in the outside world could give a hand (e.g. giving us some temporary food while we are setting up - or possibly defending us against any ruling people who don’t want us to move). And this is what I would like to do myself in helping those people in Syria, who are currently being destroyed by the Assad regime. But I have not heard of any groups yet, which have been formed to help in this manner.


I think that this is the only practical, understandable way by which all the various factions in Syria can be treated in a just and fair manner. At the end of this division, all the various sections will be able to provide employment for their own people - simply by producing their own food and by building the society’s buildings and forms (which their form of community desires).

It is just possible that, when all the various factions realise just how difficult it will be to go their own separate ways, then they might decide to really solve their differences and try to get on with each other instead. The final result of all this total investigation might be that all people clearly realise precisely how hard it is to form a just form of government. I know – I have spent my whole life trying to solve these difficult problems. My hope of course is that some people might finally read some of the books and webpages I have written on this very difficult subject.


Thus it is possible for some external people to help persecuted sections in other countries overcome their extreme problems. The process is very difficult – but it can be done.




When all people can live with their own cultural people, with enough land to

support themselves, then - we can join together in a ring and enjoy the variety

of our many different glorious cultures.


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