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“Green Living” is a very large and important subject. In fact the subject is so huge that it is hard to decide how the subject should be approached to start with. Over time I have tried approaching the subject in several different ways. So I will allow you, my reader, to choose, which way you would like to start the subject. The book I have written on the subject is shown on the right.


My first approach is in terms of the fundamentals associated with the subject. Now “Green Living” must be closely associated with “self-sufficiency” and “low footprints”. So this first approach can be read on the web page about  “Degrees of Being Green”. This page explains these essential connections.


My next approach is in terms of the webpage on The Benefits of Self-Sufficient Green Communities. This is the most normal approach.


Many people are interested in green living because of the climate change we are causing, and the disaster this will bring to our world. My web page Who Changes – We or the Climateapproaches green living from this angle.


It took 30 years, from the time I first seriously studied this problem, till I actually wrote this book. This progress is described in my web page How this Green Living book came to be written. This personal narrative provides a very natural way about learning about green living.



This is our "Green Community" from this work.

This is our "homes" from

this work

But since doing all this, I have written a large collection of webpages called "The Ultimate Ascent". And this set includes two webpages called "A Green Community" and "Our Homes".


Now these two webpages cover these two subject much better because I have had a graphic designer to help me create far better pictures. Also these webpages are much shorter. So this is the easiest way of all to start studying this long and difficult subject






So here are 5 different methods of introducing yourself to the topic. You can take your pick.


Besides all this, there is yet another approach to this whole problem. I have started "A Campaign to form a Green Community". You can join this campaign by sending me an email if you like. I can't claim that I have significant number of people interested in the subject so we certainly can't for a community yet. But I am trying. The following webpages are my webpages associated with this campaign: "Declarations of Interest", "My-Email-to-Barack-Obama".



Below is a copy of the contents of this "Green Living" book of mine. From this, you can see that this book covers all the aspects of this subject in considerable detail.





On the cover of my Green Living - book”(pdf), I make the short statement that:


This work shows how to form green communities that are completely self-sufficient in food, water and energy. Per person, these communities would use less than one tenth of the world’s resources that we use at the moment. They would also cause no pollution (i.e. no CO2). This would be a healthier, easier, safer and more pleasant way to live.


Let me now go through the four individual sentences of this statement.


1)         “This work shows how to form green communities that are completely self-sufficient in food, water and energy.”
            To describe how a community of about 100 people can become self-sufficient in food, water and energy must involve a large amount of complex writing. Thus first I must describe the food the community will eat, the crops they grow, and the animals they will keep. Then I must describe how much water the community will use and how its people will collect and save this water. Then I must describe how much energy the community must use both for both personal and communal jobs. So this book must cover all these details. I’m afraid this book cannot be an easy read.


2)         “Per person, these communities would use less than one tenth of the world’s resources that we use at the moment.”
            To make a statement like this means that this book must contain a large set of numbers e.g. the amount of food we eat, the amount of land and water the crops will use etc. And finally all these numbers must be combined to work out the exact footprint of our community members. So this calculation must involve a large amount of arithmetic. (Of course most people will just ignore all these numbers. But these quantities and calculations must all be here. Then sometime in the future, the experts in all the various fields must check these quantities.)
            This community will have a footprint of 0.2 ha per person. The average footprint in the current world is 2.3 ha. So this community will have a very small footprint indeed. I think this is the lowest footprint that anyone has calculated, which still gives its people all the benefits of normal modern civilised life.


3)         “This community would also cause no pollution at all (i.e. no excess CO2).”
            In the current world we are finding the task of stopping our excess of CO2 to be a very difficult task indeed. But for our new community built upon the principle of self-sufficiency this restriction is no problem. For us, the scientific development of PV and hot-water panels is a truly wonderful advance. This recent advance is precisely the reason why self-sufficiency is now a very practical option for all people.


4)         “This community life would provide its members with a - healthier, safer, easier, and more pleasant way to live.”
            Let us consider these qualities one by one. Clearly this will be a healthier lifestyle because all people will work outside some of the time, doing the necessary agricultural work. This will activity will give all its members a more balanced life. And our children will learn the most fundamentals aspects of life at the same time.
            There are several reasons why this will be a safer life. Firstly we, and our children, will be living with people we all know very well, while living in the community. So no one should come to any harm. Secondly we will all be assured of having some employment. And finally, if the rest of the world undergoes a terrible depression, we can simply look after ourselves in complete safety.
            Whether this life would easier and more pleasant would depend on how hard we would have to work to support ourselves. In fact all the necessary work could be done comfortably in less then half of a normal working time i.e. between 10 and 20 working hours per week. So there will be plenty of time for leisure activities (or working as normal in the outside world). So life should be very pleasant.


This tract is possibly the shortest method of introducing yourself to the topic.


All these forms of introduction show how big this subject is. You must expect this because Green Living is a complete way of living, which is very different from the way we are living at the moment. So it must take a significant amount of time master the subject (it took me 30 years). I suggest you think in terms of spending half a day per week over a period of about a year. Approaching the topic in this way slow manner will help you remember the essential facts. There is no point in reading this book in a week and then promptly forgetting it call.


If you spend this amount of time on the subject then it is best to have a hard copy version of the book (which you get from me). You could also download my Green Living - book”(pdf) and print it out for yourself.

My next normal webpage is Degrees of Being Green.


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