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All our current nations are completely devoted to creating "Economic Growth". And on the whole this effort has been very successful. So all the free-time, which I enjoyed when I was young, has disappeared. I give the reasons for this process in my webpages associated with "The Unstable Nature of Life".
            But in the communities I am suggesting here, this process will not happen. This is because the members of these communities cannot increase their equity in the community assets when they reached their just limit. So at this point, these people can longer work for money. So then these people just have free-time - until their current expenses allow them to work for money again. (As I described in my webpage "Finance and Remuneration".)

            But most people enjoy working for a good cause. So in our case, a lot of this free-time would be used in helping our community in its activity of choice (as I described in my webpage "States and Wildlife Parks"). But, as this time is free-time, each person can help the section of work they are particularly interested in. Also people can choose to work with people whom they like. So all people should enjoy this free-time a lot more than "work". And people will receive recognition for this good activity (as I will describe in my webpage called "Information and Recognition").

The first purpose of this webpage then is to show roughly how much free-time the members of these communities will have.
            But, before doing this detailed work, let me remind you that all normal societies have plenty of "free-time". To my mind, the Egyptians spent their free-time building their pyramids. In the Middle Ages, people spent their free-time building their superb cathedrals. Also, when we are forced to, we spend our free-time fighting wars. At the moment, we are mostly spending the time, which could be our "free-time", building larger houses or bigger cars, which simply clutter up our roads and make our life more difficult. And finally we junk up our houses by buying cheap goods from China, which we don't need. So we all should have plenty of free-time.
            From all that I have read, most societies can carry on quite happily supplying themselves with all the items they really need, by using only one-third of their available workforce. So all societies should have plenty of free-time. So what I am about to say about all my Green Societies is nothing new.

However in my societies the situation is slightly more complex. This is because these new communities will need to be built. This initial building must take a significant amount of time. Only when these communities have been built, will all people have plenty of free-time. So here I must discuss both the building time and the eventual day-to-day running time for these green communities.

First I must define the terms I will use about how I measure this "free-time" (or "work-time"). Also I must say how this time will correspond to money.
I will first say:    an hour's work is equivalent to $25.
Then I will say:  A man-year's work is 1600 hours
(i.e. a person working 46 weeks per year, for 35 hours per week).
So then:             a man-year's work is equivalent to $40,000.


These figures are the best approximation I can make as to what happens in Australia at the moment.

            These hours then are not extreme. A 35-hour week, with 6-weeks holiday a year, will allow all people to have plenty of time for other personal interests. Also there would be almost no travelling time associated with this work. (I will justify, why this is the case, in my "Green Transport" webpage.) Many people would like to maintain this sensible amount of work (particularly when these people will have the choice of - what they work at, and who they will work with).

First I must give an estimate of how much work these communities will take to build. I did this work in detail for my Green Community in my "Green Living – book" section 6.2. My finding here are that my my Green Community will cost about $200,000 per person to build i.e. 5-man-years work per person.

            But, in the case of my city-state, the situation is more complex. In my webpage on "Finance and Remuneration" there is a large diagram. And this diagram gives the asset valuess, for the 3 levels of community, which a normal person will belong to, to be $120,000, $40,000 and $40,000. (Although there is more work to be done in this case, the work can be mechanised much more easily. So this is why the figure is not greater.) These are the best estimates I can make. So the total costs per person would still be $200,000 as before. So this means that it will take at least 5-years work per person to build this total structure.

So I think it will take between 10 and 20 years to build a complete city-state community because all the work must be done by all the members themselves. So it will be quite a few years before most people have a large amount of free time. But, when this time does come, there really will be a large amount of free-time.


This is how a week's hours could be divided between the various

activities that would keep us all busy and useful (when all

our construction was complete).

So let us now consider the total amount of time, which must be spent on the usual daily work (getting food, maintenance of the facilities, child bearing, transport, education, welfare and administration).
            In all my five communities, I estimate that people could do all their necessary daily work in one hour per day i.e. 7 hours per week. But this estimate assumes that a person is keen to finish this work (so that this person can go and do something more interesting like working on a project that they really want to do). If a person wasn't keen to have free-time, then they could very easily spend 14 hours a week doing this necessary daily work. So it is hard to quantify the general situation.

            So, bearing in mind that I am talking about a 35 hour week, his means that roughly:
- Keen people could do their normal work in 20% of their working time.
- Less keen people could do their normal work in 40% of their working time.
            So, eventually, all people will have a huge amount of free time. This is because, in these communities people can no longer have bigger houses or larger cars. Also people can no longer import fancy goods from overseas. In a green, independent, state we would only make one kind of item. So, when people really have everything they need, then they will just have a lot of free-time.


So everybody will spend their abundant free-time in societies and clubs. Some of the societies would simply be supporting on-going activities like: research in agriculture, helping students at the high-school and caring for patients in the hospital. Also our town-state should always support: a musical society, a book club, lots of sports clubs, a painting club, a drama society, various religious societies, an embroidery club etc. And a large amount of our free-time could be spend in our wildlife area.

            Many people like to spend a large amount of times travelling overseas. I support this - but I think it should be done in a self-sufficient manner. Thus there should be a very large overseas club - and this club will do a lot of the out-side work themselves. They should: run their own buses, man their own hostels and try to work a little in forgein countries themselves. This is what some oveseas students try to do in Australia at the moment. It is much better to help the people you are visiting - rather than just let them wait on you.


This picture shows the Green Club and its related activities.

But, finally, there must one very special club indeed - and I will call this club the town-state "Green Club".

            All nations have a variety of clubs and associations, which are designed to deal with various emergency situations. So I myself have belonged to the walkers and climbers "Search and Rescue" association. Many other people belong to their local "Bush-fire brigades". Other people belong to "Life Savers" associations for people who get swept out into the oceans. And groups like "Women's Brigades", "Returned Soldiers Leagues" and "Rotary" tend to help groups of people who fall on bad times. And all the people who join these clubs and associations do this activity in their free-time.

            My idea is that all these many emergency societies should all be rolled into one and this would be called the "Green Club". So this would be a very general club with very extensive premises - as show in the following picture.


But there is one very important kind of emergency, which, in the current world, no one every talks about. Now everyone in Australia very firmly believes in peace. But our actual actions tell a very different kind of story.

            The last time that Australia went to war, when conscription was necessary, was in the Vietnam war. Frankly, if we should have gone to war in this area, then we should supported the Vietcong. Trying to bolster the corrupt old regime proved to be stupid. But that is what we actually did.

            And our involvement in the Iraq and in Afganistan also proved to be of no lasting benefit and it cost us a large number lives and money. And I still think our bombing efforts in Syria will not help the people of this country. Before we try to help people in other countries, we should first check carefully that this action will bring a lasting benefit to the country. But, in fact, we don't. I have written a webpage called “Helping other Nations in Trouble on this subject. But I don't think anyone has even read it.


The evidence is that people only support nations who act in the same way as they do. And, in the current world, this is to support globalism, capitalism and economic growth. But in my green communities we will not do any of these things at all. So, it is possible that the majority of Australians might not like us very much - so they might try to get rid of us. I don't think this will happen - but on the other hand we should be prepared.

            Fortunately our huge amount of free-time will come to our aid. And our Green Club can deal with this problem, because such an interferrence to our way of life could called an emergency. And all people would belong to this club. Unless there was a direct threat of interference, I don't think we should manufacture even defensive weapons. But we should check at all times that our state has the materials and abilities to manufacture these items, if there was a threat. If necessary, our state could defend itself with a force of 70,000 people. And this is more people than is in the current Australian army. But it is best that this defensive force is simply called our social "Green Club" - whose job is to cope with all possible emergencies.

          But I think it very essential that our town-state supports a very capable "Green Club" with all its abundant free-time.


My next normal webpage is: "Capitalism, Globalism and Economic Growth".



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