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Above is a picture of what will be the front cover of this new book I am producing on this subject. I have tried to put a lot graphical detail in this picture so that you, my reader, might easily be able to guess what the contents of the book will be.
          So, in this picture, you can see all the possible green communities I consider and how they relate to each other. I even manage to fit in some relevant diagrams about transport and finance. So please study this front cover picture above carefully first.


This picture shows me and some of my activities. So, you can see

over my life of 75 years, I have been very active in a great variety of

ways. I have enjoyed life very much indeed. If I can persuade you to

help me to form some green communities, then you can enjoy life

just as much as I have.


          About me, the author


The two pictures, on the right, will give you some idea of who I am and some of the things I have done. My website has all my 11 books and about 160 other webpages as well. So you can easily learn all about me. But all this information can be a bit overwhelming. So here I will say just a little about myself - and how I came to write this work.

          I was brought up on Mt Stromlo in the ACT (my father was an astronomer there). Our family was self-sufficient in fruit, vegetables, eggs and milk. My job was to milk the goats. There is no better early training than this, if you want to consider how to be self-sufficient in food later on in life.

          I was academically quite successful and I obtained a good PhD in mathematics at Sydney University. But I still hated the huge city/agricultural-country separation, which is so definite in Australia (it isn’t so bad in the UK, where I have lived for 16 years). So I was very keen to join the rest of the people when the Tuntable Falls Co-operative was formed in 1974. But, unfortunately, Nimbin is a long way from Sydney. And when my family went there for 4 days, we didn’t feel it was well enough organised to consider settling there permanently.


This picture shows what I look like now

after my climbing accident. But, in

different ways, I am still quite active.


But this whole idea wasn’t forgotten. In 1978 I wrote a long paper (36 pages) called “Modelling the Energy/Agriculture Self-Sufficiency Problem”. From this work I should have moved straight on and written my “Green Living” book, which I was to eventually write in 2006. But I didn’t. I, like many mathematicians, get fascinated by huge complex global problems. So, for 20 years, I worked on a very large book called “Society of Choice”, which showed how the whole world could be run giving equal opportunity to all people. And this book, of course, made sure that all people would retain their association with agriculture and the country. But this whole book was much too large and complex. No one would read it. So I had to give up.
          Finally, I wrote my “Green Living” book in 2006. But you can see I have worked on this subject for about 50 years. So I know the subject extremely well. Besides these two books I have written other books and novels, which deal with related problems. Some of these books are show in the surrounding pictures.


I am very accessible. My phone number is 0412 871 544 and my email address is . Please contact me whenever you like.


If you prefer to just read the book, here it is:"Forming Green Communities-book"(pdf).



          The Details of the Contents of the Book


The following webpages contain the contents of this book. You could click on which ever webpage you like. But the webpages are written in sequence so, if you skip around, then you might have enough knowledge to understand the webpage you have just chosen.


The first set of webpages are: "Why Create new Green Communities", "Green Homes", "Green House-Unit Communities", "Green Agriculture", "Green Hamlets - Independent", "Green Hamlets - Integrated", "Green Villages", "Village Centres", "Village Farming Communities", "Green Town-States", "Town Centres", "Green Transport", "States and Wildlife Parks".

The physical nature of the items, shown in these webpages, all appear on the front cover of my book (which is shown above). So you already should have an idea of what these webpages will describe.


But this certainly not be true of the webpages I now list below. The names of these webpages will give you an idea of what they will contain. But they are all about subjects which everyone absolutely hates to think about. But, if our communities are going to be successful and work well, then we must get each of these important subjects absolutely right. So these webpages are all incredibly important.

           "Members, Meetings, Officers and Voting", "Finance and Remuneration", "Citizenship Levels", "Democratic Levels", "Information and Recognition", "Our Three Incentives", "Education and Welfare", "Free-Time and Clubs", "Capitalism, Globalism and Economic Growth", "Equality, Democracy, Freedom and Variety", "About Being Green", "The Nature of Life is to Expand".




Let me just point out one very important way, in which these communities will be quite different from current practise. On the right I show a diagram of my proposed financial system.

          Let us now look at the bank balances of Dick. And you can see that Dick now owns as much of the community assets as he is allowed to hold. So now Dick cannot work for money. He must enjoy his ample free-time in unpaid social activities. He can only work again in a couple months time, when his living costs have reduced his assets a little.

          In the current world all people are allowed to become as rich as they like. But, as the rich grow richer, the poor must become poorer. And young people can't get good meaningful jobs, which will integrate them with the community they belong to. In this society I sensibly stop this wealth accumulation process from happening too much.

          So the type of society, that I am proposing here, will be very different from the current world.

Thus, I'm afraid, you must read these later difficult chapters rather carefully.


(I hate wasting space. So what I have done in the print version is to fill the space, at the end of a webpage (chapter), with pictures from my past exploits and activities. I hope you don't mind.)


My next normal webpage is: "Why Create new Green Communities".


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