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Equality of Opportunity should be the basis of all Political Forms

In my previous webpages I have shown how a society can be measured in terms of the amount of “equality”, “freedom”, democracy” and “variety” it provides its citizens. Then in the last webpage I gave A Summary of my Political Solutions to a society. In this webpage I thought I should show you how all these results can be derived by just applying “Equality of Opportunity” to all important situations.
            The details of all these situations have been covered in greater detail in my other webpages. So my explanations here will be very brief.
            These situations are:


1)         Equal Opportunity to - Support Oneself
This is the most important requirement of all (and the item that is most often ignored). We all need some land to support ourselves in some way - or else we starve. I know we all now live in cities, and the land, which gives us our essential food, is usually forgotten about. But, if the rich own all the agricultural land of a nation, then the rest of the poorer people are completely at the mercy of the rich. This is a horrible situation for the poorer people.
            The solution to this problem is to limit the wealth of the rich in terms of the essential resources of the country they own (probably to no more than twice the average wealth). This means that all people will have an equal opportunity to gain their essential resources to support themselves. This also means that all people can sell these essential assets to look after their welfare in their old age (my point 5). Thus the assets of a nation will be continuously recycled among the many people of the nation, and so all people will have the same opportunity to gain the wealth of the country.


2)         Equal Opportunity to - Get a Job
We all need to get a job to support ourselves. But, if some people remain in the same job, then it will be harder for the people, without jobs, to get a job.
            If all people are to be given an equal opportunity to get a job, then all jobs must be recycled completely among the people of the nation (perhaps on a yearly basis).
           My webpage “A Summary of my Political Solutions” give a fuller description of these first two problems and how they can be solved.


3)         Equal Opportunity to – Learn
Not all people desire to learn the information they are taught at school. I personally believe we should respect these young people’s wishes. But what we should do is to provide everyone with all the relevant information they might want to learn - when they want to.
            Thus all people should be provided with the precise texts they must know to pass any exam. Then all exam possible types of questions would be provided with model answers. Also all people should occasionally have to repeat exams - so that all people can see that everyone can still pass the same exam. So all people will have an equal opportunity to pass any exam.
            All community information must be freely and easily available to all people in the community, so that people can learn the many facts about how the community is being run. Also there must be no committees, because, when committees meet, no one learns which member has supported the various items.
           So then all people can learn the essential details of their society when they want to.


4)         Equal Opportunity to - Be a Leader (or an Officer)
This form of opportunity is an extended form of idea of democracy. So here all people have the equal opportunity to stand as a candidate for any leader (or officer) position.  The members of the community (or their representatives) will then vote for these various candidates.
            This idea may not seem to be very practical, because there could be too many candidates and then the voters would have too much work to do. You will have to read my other webpages on democracy to understand how such a system can work. My webpage called “Measures Democracy” has most of the details.


5)         Equal Opportunity to – Look after our Old Age
It is essential that all people should have an equal opportunity too look after their welfare in their old age. Fortunately, if all people have an equal opportunity to gain wealth, then people can use the wealth they have gained (point 1) to look after their old age.


6)         Equal Opportunity to – Have Free-Time
All people should have an equal opportunity to have plenty free-time to enjoy the activities they really like doing. Many forms of freedom interfere with other people’s freedoms. But this freedom does not interfere with other people’s freedoms. So free-time is very important.
           All my societies give all their members plenty of free-time. But you must study the details of my societies to understand that this will be the case. My webpage on “Freedom Measures” gives the details.


7)         Equal Opportunity to  - Enjoy Variety
We all enjoy variety. But at the moment the huge variety of ancient cultures is being destroyed by our globalist tendencies. So we are destroying the variety, which future generations would have like to have the opportunity to to enjoy.
           This is a very complex question. My webpage on “Variety Measures” shows how this opportunity can be restored



All these equal opportunities must come at a cost. Thus people will hate that there are now limits on the wealth they can gain, or how long they can stay in a job. Also people will hate having to attend various relevant tedious meetings or having their voting recorded.
            Besides this, “equality of opportunity” is quite different from direct equality. So people will no longer have an expectation of either an equal education nor an equal welfare package. (Because these facilities are expensive and people should choose the levels they want to attain.) Most people will probably prefer to leave the world to continue running the way it does. It is too hard to study all the various alternatives.

            However, if you are prepared to think about the many political problems from all people’s various angles, then equality of opportunity does seems to give the fairest solution to everyone.



All my various political ideas take a long time to describe. And even the summary given in this webpage would take at least 10 minutes to talk about in any discussion. Because of this, when I go my local Ashfield Greens meeting once a month, I usually remain silent (my ideas simply take too long to describe). But at the beginning of the meeting we are usually given about a minute to introduce ourselves to new members. So my new resolution is that I shall now try to introduce myself in the following way.

           "I am a mathematician. So I have spent most of my life designing political systems in which all people have an equal opportunity to obtain: - wealth; income; leadership positions; and free-time. I have designed several such systems. But unfortunately people don't like to think about general systems, which will take a long time to form. So in almost all situations I have to remain silent. So this is what you must expect of me in this coming meeting."


But on the other hand, if people want to know what is the simplest action we can take to help create a better world, then this would be make sure that all the assets of all people, companies and institutions were publicly known (and so open to scrutiny).


This wonderful sunset occured just after I finished writing this



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