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Equality, Democracy, Freedom and Variety

I have also spent a large amount of time and effort on writing webpages on the subject of “Measures of a Good Society”. But these webpages are also much too long to put in this book. But, fortunately, it is fairly easy for me to show how much: Equality, Democracy, Freedom and Variety; I can provide in my Green Communities. This will be far more than is provided in any capitalist country.





The diagram on the right shows how the wealth of a nation is normally distributed between its people.








On the other hand, this next diagram, shows how the wealth of one of my communities will be distributed all its members.




Hopefully I don’t need to say on this subject. These diagrams speak for themselves.




I expect that most people would just think that a country was democratic, if its people, in some manner, voted for their leaders. But, in my communities, my democracy would mean far more than this. So, every single officer in my communities will voted into office by their members (or their representative).


The picture on the right shows how this works.
            So in my Town State there would be (((16 x 16 + 25) x 62) + 50) = 17,472 officials. And every single official would be elected by the relevant members (or their representatives).
            As opposed to this, in Australia there are many kinds of officials - e.g. supervisors, judges, ministers, managers, policemen, captains etc. But I doubt if is more than 1 in 100 of these officials was actually elected democratically by the people who actually work below them.
            So my communities would be far more democratically run than any current country.













Freedom can mean different things to many different people. But I take it to mean that this is the time that, we can do what you like i.e. free-time. And now my diagram on the right shows how much free-time my people will have. So, in the diagram, only the red time (work) is not free-time. No other country on Earth would have as much time to be free as this. And this free-time would be equally distributed between all a community’s people.



How to measure “variety” is also rather difficult. I will take “variety” to mean “the number of radically different kinds of human-societies our world could support”.
            Now, in my communities, every community is autonomous. So each community can make its own laws and control who can enter or leave their community’s land. Thus each community could each support a very different way of living. But I doubt if our hamlets (or our villages) would bother to try to be too different from each other.
            But each town-state could easily be radically different from other town-states. So each town-state could easily use a different language. Also, because each town-state produces ite own goods, then the items all its people would use, would be quite different. And every thing else could be quite different as well. So the world could support many thousands of radically green town-states in the independent form I provide.
            So my systems could support a huge amount of variety. Whereas “globalism” simply means that all nations become very similar, because they would all use the same “globally” made products.



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