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The first step a person can make to show an interest in this movement is to simply show up at a meeting. But, as yet, we don't any such meetings organised. As soon as I receive some emails from people saying they want such meetings, then I will organise such meetings. So please send me email if you want such meetings. That would be a wonderful first step to make.


But before this green community can form properly, there are much more difficult problems we must consider. This is that all the possible members must first have checked out the following important three questions. These are:


1)          Is there enough knowledge, among the community members, for this community to function effectively?

This knowledge must be of two different kinds. Firstly every member must understand the community financial system completely and be convinced that this system will be fair to all its members. Secondly there must be enough detailed knowledge among the members, so that the various members can supply 15 competent officials who will lead the community's 15 departments (which I describe in my Green Living - book).


2)         Is there enough spare finance, among the members, for the community to cope with the starting stages of this community?

So there must be sufficient finance for the community to obtain the chosen land, which the community must buy. Also there must also be enough finance to buy the materials and implements necessary for process of forming the early stages of the community.


3)         Has every possible member checked with their family that they are happy with this new development?

Thus parents must have checked with their children about how this development will integrate with their children's plans. This is essential because these children may be "inheriting in some manner" their parent's share of the community. Similarly children must tell their parents of their plans so that these parents can plan to see any future grand-children in the community.


The only way that this community can be assured that these three questions can be answered satisfactorily is for every possible member to tell the community how they can contribute to the community as regards these three questions. This is going to be a difficult task - and many people will try to avoid thinking about this situation.

         I will now go through these three questions again in more detail and try to demonstrate the degree to which people can contribute in these matters.



1)          Sufficient Knowledge?


In this section I thought I should first give a set of questions, which all prospective members should be able to answer, to show they would be capable of functioning in this community.


a) How will people be remunerated for the work they do in this community?


b) When this community is finished, what will roughly be the value of an average person's share of the community?


c) Roughly how long do we expect it will take to finish building a community of 100 people (most of this work will be done by the community members themselves)?


e) This community will be based on equality of opportunity for all its members. Because of this, describe the various ways our community will now be fundamentally different from all current communities or states?


f) In this community, people will no longer be able to work for money, when members have reached a little more than the average share value. Why is this restriction so important?


g) Why is it so important that this community gives its all its members a very full social life?


h) What interest rate will members receive for their equity in the community bank? Why does the value have to be fixed?


i) How do all members pay for the goods they use (i.e. food, accomodation etc)?


j) What are the advantages for a member to gain an officer position?


k) How does the community know whether a community member is capable of becoming an officer?


l) What is the maximum amount of time a person can hold an officer position for?


m) How many officer positions would there be in a community of 100 people. How many of these officer positions can you name?


n) When this community is finished and working properly, roughly how many hours will be needed per person per week to operate this finished community successfully?


o) What will the footprint be for the people who live in this community. List the number advantages this community gains by having such a low footprint?


p) There are 7 definite advantages in a community being completely self-sufficient food. Can describe these 7 advantages?


q) What limitations must this community apply to members, who wish to leave this community and take their community assets with them?


r) What steps will this communty take, when a member is not really doing their fair share of work?


So these are the sort of questions that all prospective members must be able to answer before they can become members of this community.

         There is also the huge problem of there being enough members with sufficient knowledge to fulfil all the necessary officer positions. But this difficult questions must wait for the time being.



As regards the other two requirements, I will now take a completely different approach. Instead requiring you to do something, I will say what I can do to contribute to this coming community myself.


2)         Sufficient Finance?


I have never enjoyed a high income or inherited many significant assets. But I am naturally frugal - so I have never spent money on items I don't really need. And this has resulted in me now having more assets than I need. So I can contribute significantly to the start of this community.

         So I own: my own 2-bedroom flat in Ashfield, a 1-bedroom flat in Stanmore and a little family land in NZ. These assets add up to about a million dollars. I still intend to be very carefully about spending this money. But, if a good green community could form with reliable members, then all this money could be used to help this community get started. So finance need not be too much of a problem - particularly if other people act in the same way that I do.

         In comparison to this "Knowledge" problem, I don't think "Finance" will be much of a problem.


3)        Family Understandings


I have a largish family. So I have 4 brothers (mostly with children), my own 5 children, and 5 grand-children. All these close relatives are reasonably interested in forming a green community. So these family members might help a community to get started.

         But, on the other hand, my family members have read very little about what I have written on forming a community. I am rather hoping that this webpage itself might inspire my family members to read a little more about what I have written on forming a Green Community. After all, my children's own inheritence from me could be involved in this possible new green community. This is my hope.



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