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We all like playing games. And I myself have enjoyed playing games very much. So I have played Rugby, Soccer, Cricket and Tennis a lot. I am OK at such games, because I am healthy and fit. But, I must admit, I have never been brilliant at any such games.


I would like the communities, which I wish to form, to play a lot of games because everyone would have large amount of free-time. And playing games is a very healthy thing for us all to do. But most current games are very individualist and require a lot of specialist skills (throwing, catching and hitting balls and things like this). I not against such games at all. I just want set down here some games that communities could play and which all normal people could immdeiately enjoy without too much practise at all.


As opposed to the current world, my societies are based on communities where everyone knows everyone else very well. So, for example, different hamlets (belonging to the same village) might like to play games between other hamlets. And similarly teams from different villages might like to play games against each other. And such teams could be very large indeed.


So if we can develop some good, easy community games, which all people could easily join in, then all people could join in and enjoy themselves in a very healthy manner.


This is what this set of webpages is all about. But I still need to do a large amount of work on developing this idea. I, hopefully, will return to this subject in about a year's time.


Till then this subject has mostly been written in terms of my two webpages: “Some Simple but Precise Capture Games” and “A Holiday Game in a Wildlife Park. But, even here, I still need to develop more pictures to illustrate how all the many possible games could look like. This ia a large subject.


My next normal webpage is: "City-Country Communities" .


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Updated on 9/11/2016.