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City-Country Communities

If a person, or a group of friends, wishes to be able live in a slightly more independent way from our normal city life, then the natural thing for them to do is to buy a small farm and grow their own crops there. This what I did myself in the early 1970’s when I joined the Tuntable Falls Co-operative near Nimbin. I was very pleased to do this.


But, when I went to live there with my family for 4 days, then I quickly saw all the problems. There was no central organising body for the various operations, which should have been done communally. This was no one’s fault at all. The problems of how to run a community fairly are enormous. I should know – I have written several books about such complex issues: to demonstrate how it can be done fairly to all people (particularly for the young and the old). And, even if such books are written, then very few people will read them.


So there will always be complex issues about how a community should be run. Now I have written two books: Green Living - book”(pdf) and "Forming Green Communities - book" on how such problems can be solved. But both these books essentially assume that we are starting from scratch with new land where new homes need to be built. But, when people start a city/country community, most of the members will assume that they will mostly continue to live in their current homes and use their current cars. And the farm, which they buy will buy, will partially continue with its current activities using its current facilities. So the problems, which I solve in these two books, are quite different from the problems city/country communities must face.


Now the problems of how City/Country Communities can be formed in a fair manner can certainly be solved. The difficulty is that there can be so many radically different types of situations. I give one specific solution in my large webpage: A Safe Village Governmental Element – Should Disaster Strike. And even then you will find this solution to be enormously long and complex.


In my novels (see My Novels): I give several solutions to these problems as well.

In the first section of my novel: "Aberrants in the Outer Asteroids WIP"(pdf) I give a fairly complete solution. Then in the chapter called "SeaCom" I give anther solution type of solution in my novel: The No-Boots Club – novel”(pdf). Also my story called "Conflicts between good Friends" in my booklet called "If I had been born Female - booklet" specifically coverers this problem. And all the other novels give different types of solutions as well. So I have considered quite a few possibilities.

If any person comes to me stating a specific problem that needs to be solved then I will certainly try to give a solution to the problem. But, until such a person comes to me, I will not try to write more on this difficult subject.

But I do need to need to develop some more diagrams of the solutions that I have already done. So this subject still needs some more work from me to do. But this work might only be done in a year-or-so’s time, when I have written my autobiogralhy.


My next normal webpage is: A Safe Village Governmental Element – Should Disaster Strike.


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