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All people will receive Employment


The actual nature of new employment must of course depend on the problems that caused the crisis. Certainly in the case stopping Climate Change there will a huge amount of work (as given in chapter 4 of my book). But all crises will generate employment.
            The difficulty of course will be as usual to decide which person should get what job and a fair rate of pay for all people. This rate of pay decision must be left partially to normal market forces. But besides this, in simple terms I will say that each person must be given 20 hours work per week and for this they will receive at least the minimum wage (perhaps just $10 per hour or a little higher). It is hard to be precise about anything else about higher rates of pay and longer hours. But at least we can insist that all people know everyone else’s rate of pay. This public knowledge should prevent too much cheating.
            Another device that will stop possible cheating is to insist that all people must wear a clear marker when they are working (perhaps a small special head-band). Then everyone can see who is supposed to be working and when. (Perhaps some people might even check other people’s time sheets to see they were working when they said they were.)
            This employment system can also be extended to all pensioners. So all pensioners could work for 20 hours (wearing the head-band). However their job might only be to just check that everyone else is working at the times they said they were. But this is still a useful job and this forces everyone else to get out into the world a bit more and be active in the whole community. It is healthy for all people to do a bit of work. It would even be good for me, a 74-year old man in a wheelchair, to do that sort of thing and become a bit more social. Then such people would receive a wage rather than a pension. (Of course there must still be people who so are incapacitated that they must receive some sort of care-pension.)


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