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All People will receive the Necessities of Life

This is simply the obvious law, which makes sure no one will suffer too much. So all people will receive an income and this income will cover the expenses of: a good healthy diet; adequate accommodation where they are currently living; adequate medical, nursing and hospital facilities; and facilities like: energy, water, rates, communication facilities etc. So all people will know that they need not suffer in any definable manner.


If all people in your nation are to receive the necessities of life, then you should be immediately be worried about to what extent this step is possible. This is a difficult question.
            What we definitely can do is at to calculate how much work is required to produce these necessities of life (for our nation). And then we can consider how many jobs we are doing at the moment, which are not essential. Then, if we can compare these two lists of jobs, then we should have a rough approximation as to how much “Spare Time” we should have during this Special Period. Then we can use this Spare Time to deal with our given disaster (or the changes we wish to make to our nation).

   This work is done in my webpage called Practicality and Spare Time. You could either read this webpage now or when you have read the other four conditions.


My next condition is “All people will receive Employment”.



But I can't really claim that a talking parrot is a necessity of life.


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