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All costs will be payed by Taxes on Luxuries

It is absolutely essential that our country should still balance its budget. The easiest and most natural way of doing this is to have significant taxes on all unnecessary and luxury items. It is not possible now to say how heavy these taxes will be, because this must depend on how quickly our nation wishes to get this whole job done. I will talk about this subject later.
            Clearly there should be very heavy taxes on things like: alcoholic beverages, junk food and drinks, overseas holidays, powerful and fast cars and boats, all betting schemes, and advertising.
            But, besides these items, some more controversial items must be taxed. People with large houses and spare rooms must be taxed on their spare space. This is because this tax will persuade such people to rent their spare space. Then this tax can be used to help any poor people, who must move in, to pay their rent. People who earn large incomes must be taxed heavily on the income they don’t need. And similarly, the land and resources, which is owned by people above their personal needs, must be taxed. All this income will again help the poorer people who might otherwise suffer hardship. Similarly any money that goes overseas must be heavily taxed – unless this sender can prove that this money is going to someone in need.

            So all these methods can add up to a large number of items that will be taxed.


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Sometimes it is hard to tell what is a luxury. I certaintly learnt more useful knowledge in scouting

than I did at university.




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Updated on 11/11/2016.