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This picture shows our Green Party's 4 pillars - to create a good


In the work you are read so far, you will see that I believe a community is “very green” if they:

- create no pollution;

- have a low footprint;

- and are prepared to give an equal amount of land for wildlife use.

            But other people have different ideas on this subject. So I thought I should show how these ideas compare with how the Green Party in NSW defines “Being Green”. It does this in its “The Four Green Pillars”. I show these pillars in the picture on the right. But I shall say more about each of the four items and in the order as shown below.


1)         Environmental Sustainability

Most people would feel that they instinctively know what this heading means. But, unfortunately, if you study the history of the Earth, you will find the situation on Earth has never been stable. In fact some of the various previous ecological disasters have actually helped life on Earth to progress. But, never-the-less, our unnecessary changing the climate of the Earth in just one hundred years is an exceedingly stupid thing for us to be doing right now.
            Unfortunately all forms of human agriculture interfere with the natural wildlife on this land. If we allow this to happen too much, then the life process, which has produced us to begin with, will be lost. Then the world would be itself unsustainable. This would be terrible.

This picture shows how we can give land

for wildlife.

So what I do in my societies is to always have an equal amount of land for wildlife - see diagram on the right.
            Then I organise my societies so that they will spend a lot more time on producing their food. And this will means we will need much less land. And, as absolutely everything is recycled, we will cause no pollution at all. So we will have a very low footprint and then wildlife can also flourish as well with plenty of room.
            This will all be explained further in all the following webpages – particularly my webpage called: "Green Agriculture".











This picture shows how the community's

wealth is fairly divided among its citizens.


2)         Social Justice

What precisely Social Justice means is also very vague. For some people it simply means that, what they own at the moment, they will continue to own. This is what the rich people think and usually their lawyers, which they employ, will support their point of view completely. The majority of people in the world also usually take this point of view as well.
            I have a very different view on this subject. I think Social Justice should mean that all people should have an equal opportunity to progress in this world. But in the current world poor people can’t have an equal opportunity to progress because they won’t have the assets to look after themselves (and also probably not the education that the rich people, who will employ them, deem is necessary for them – thus they might not have been sufficiently well educated to “suck to the boss” in a correct servile manner).
            In the current world in is very hard to give Social Justice. But I certainly do give Social Justice to all my new societies. The picture on the left explains how this can be done a little and my webwage: "Finance and Remuneration" gives all the details.



This picture shows how our grassroots

democracy will work.

3)         Grassroots Democracy

The great thing about this pillar is that it is very clear in what it should mean. And, in the current world, Grassroots Democracy does not occur at all. But I can give this facility in abundance in all my new Green Communities.
            In our current world, we vote for our local, state and federal representatives and usually there are about 50,000 other people voting with us. We rarely know the people we vote for and we certainly don’t know the details of what these representatives will vote for in the councils or in the parliaments. This situation is definitely not Grassroots Democracy.
            The picture on the right shows the form of my Grassroots Democracy. So, each member of a hamlet (100 people) votes for each of the officers of their hamlet (perhaps 16). They would know these people very well – they would probably have worked with them as well (and they even know they exam results in the subject as well).
            Then the 16 representatives of the hamlets meet at their village centre to run the affairs of their village centre. They would probably elect about 25 officers to run the various departments.
            Then the 62 representatives of the villages would meet at their town centre to run the affairs of their town centre. They would probably elect about 50 officers to run the various departments of the town centre.
            So my proposed communities would be very democratic in indeed. In fact all the officers of the complete society would be elected by the people, who mostly work beneath them.


4)         Peace and Non-violence

I naturally, like everyone else, believe in Peace and Non-violence. But, we must face the simple fact that some people are violent and some nations are not peaceful. In fact by my thinking, we in Australia have been unnecessarily aggressive in Afghanistan and in the Middle East. I don’t think our communities should be violent or aggressive at all. But, on the other hand, we must be capable of defending against violent people or aggressive nations.
            Fortunately we could defend ourselves against these possibilities remarkably easily. All our people would have a very large amount of free-time. One of our many clubs would be called the “Green Emergency Club”. This very large club would include the features of the local Fire Brigade and Life-Surf-Savers groups. All people would be encouraged to join this club and they would be given recognition for the time they spend associated with its activities. So, if some people are violent or some nations don’t like the way we run ourselves, then we would have plenty of manpower to deal with this terrible aggression problem by simply using all the people in this club. This is described more fully in my webpage "Free-Time and Clubs".


All these four pillars involve complex issues. But all my pevious webpages have explained the full situation to you reasonably clearly.



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