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A Summary of my Political Solutions

My political solutions are all given in great detail in my two major books - Green Living - book”(pdf) and Society of Choice - book”(pdf). Also my A Special Period to stop Climate Change - book”(pdf) and my webpage  “A Safe Village Governmental Element – Should Disaster Strike contain many details of my solutions. So in this short webpage I can only give a brief summary of my simplest solutions.


The first two proposals are associated with maintaining equality within a country or a community.
            The first proposal is associated with the problem of making sure that the wealth of a nation is fairly evenly divided between the nation’s people. This in general should allow each individual person to look after their own housing and future welfare. So what I do is to limit the amount of wealth that the any one person can accumulate. This means that, when a person reaches this limit, they can no longer work for money. Such a person can only work for money again when their daily expenses have reduced their wealth to allow them to work again for money. This limit makes it easier for young people to gain the wealth they will need to buy a house and similarly look after their old age.
            Choosing what this limit should be and is difficult. For the moment I will say this limit should not be greater than then twice the average pro-rata wealth in the nation. This means for Australia, with an average pro-rata wealth of approximately $400,000, the limit would be $800,000.
            My other proposal is to say that all jobs in a country should be regularly recycled. This should give all people a fair and equal opportunity of gaining a job. To be precise, I will say that all jobs should be put out to tender every year, and that no person can stay in the same job for more than 3 years. I am sure most people would think these limits are rather extreme. But I think it is healthy for all people to move on to different jobs every few years. People would of course obtain similar jobs so people could still use their expertise in just one area. So this limit need not cause any hardship.
            There is a problem in applying this rule in private enterprise. In my “Society of Choice – book”, I show how these rules can still be applied in a just manner to all people even in a capitalist state. But no one will read this complex book of mine.
            The details of how these rules can be implemented in practise are still fairly complex. I do this in my Green Living - book”(pdf) on pages 35 – 40. This text also shows how young people will gain good jobs at an early age, and so they will be well integrated into the work life of their community at a fairly early age.


In normal good times, a community or a country should have a large number of people with plenty of spare time. Then, when bad times come (disasters, wars or famines), these people with spare time will be available to deal with the problem. This is what ought to happen.
            But in the current world, we all believe in economic growth. This search for economic growth has resulted in all our wonderful free-time disappearing. So the free time, I describe in A Utopian Period in my Life many years ago, has all disappeared. If we did have this free-time, then, for example, we would have no problem about dealing with Climate Change at all. The people with this free time would simply solve the problem. But we don’t. So this is what my next proposal is all about.
            My next proposal is simply to say that people, with free time to help their country in its hour of need, should be regarded as a great blessing. These people should be honoured and given status in some manner.
            Now my system of limits on wealth and jobs will automatically result in a large number of older people having lots of free time. (These older people will also have the skills to deal with any problems that could arise.) Also these people will have the wealth to support themselves without necessarily working for money. So these people will be ideal people to deal with any possible future problems.
            How such people can be honoured, and be persuaded to work for the common good of the country, is all described in my Freedom Measures webpage in detail. But you can probably guess this detail, if you can’t be bothered to read it now.


The whole of the democratic process suffers from one very fundamental flaw. This called “The Lack of Incentive to Vote Well” and I discuss it in detail in my  “Known Mathematical Political Results webpage. The result of this flaw is that the rich and powerful people of a country can control the media and use this media to persuade the electorate to support their own desires. This is a very difficult problem.
            I solve this problem by dividing a country into many small communities each of which is partially self-sufficient. Then each of these communities can vote for their own representative and this voting will not be biased by the media - because all people would automatically be familiar with the full details on what they are about. This process is described in my Green Living - book”(pdf) where the pages 42 – 47 cover the hamlet process, pages 117 -119 cover the village process, and pages 124 – 129 cover the town-state process.
            I can solve this problem in my own communities because I am fully aware of the problem. Thus I specifically structure my communities so that the problem will not occur. But, in the current world, it would be very hard to implement this idea. So I am afraid that most current democracies will continue to suffer from this problem. My webpage called Pure, Visible Democracy – versus – Current Democracies discusses the problem in more detail.

            This structure of mine, together with the self-sufficiency of the various communities, should also allow the world to regain the cultural variety our world used to have. My webpage called Variety Measures gives more details.




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