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A Special Period to stop Climate Change

This book is quite different from the majority of books on Climate Change. Most books simply describe: why climate change is occurring (and the evidence related to this); how climate change will affect our future lives; and what we ought to do about it all. People, of course, do need to know these facts about climate change. And this book does cover these important aspects of the subject as well (but with less details than other books give).
            However this book also deals with a much harder subject. This book deals with – how we can actually stop climate change. This is a terribly difficult task. To stop climate change, most people will have to change their lifestyles to some degree. And the majority of people on this planet have no serious intention of changing their lifestyles at all. So the majority of the world’s people will avoid recognising climate change, and they will basically vote against any significant move from their current life. This is the evidence we are seeing all over this world.
            But this book does recognise this problem. And this book does give a very definite solution to stopping climate change in spite of the problem of this antagonism. So this is why that this book is very different from all other books on climate change.

In my three adjacent graphs, relating to climate change, I do two things, which do not seem to have been done before. These are:
1)         The 3 relevant graphs are put together over the same important time scale (the past 1,000 years).
2)         The “Observed CO2” graph is put in with precisely the same scale as the accumulated “Emitted CO2” graph. So these two graphs can be directly compared.
            Thus I go out of my way to make sure that all people can recognise all the evidence relating to climate change for themselves - in the easiest possible way.


These are the badges I had made to try to stop

Climate Change.


Fairly early on (2005), I had 400 of these badges made up to allow people so show their allegiance to stopping Climate Change. People were happy to buy the badge. But no one would actually wear the badge when I saw them later. I explain the reasons for this in the first chapter of my book (which you can read now, if you click on the following book).

            I still offer these badges to everyone who wants one during my sessions on Saturday mornings outside Ashfield the town-hall. But I'm afraid that I don't expect people will actually wear the badges now.



The most important aspect of this book is the “Special Period” referred to in its title. This title simply means that, over one special specific period of time, the focus of a nation will be on building all the essential facilities, which will produce all our future energy in a green, non-polluting manner. During this period, five specific social actions and limitations will be put in place, and these will ensure that no person undergoes any hardship at all.
            These 5 conditions are:
1)         All people will receive the Necessities of Life,
2)         All people will receive Employment,
3)         All Costs will be paid by Taxes on all Luxuries,
4)         The Rich will be prevented from getting Richer,
5)         The Poor will be protected from getting Poorer.
The details of these 5 conditions are given in chapter 5 (page 44). Otherwise you can just click on A Special Period now.


It is best if you now take a quick glance at the following book contents. (But you might prefer to enter the book right now. If so click on A Special Period to stop Climate Change - book”(pdf).)







1) A Special Period to do the Job       2)  Recruiting the Nation’s Youth

3) Public Declarations on Climate Change


3. The EVIDENCE            18

1) Why the Problem – the History and Politics      2)  A Better Presentation of the Evidence

3) Refuting any Anti-Action Arguments


4. ENERGY CHANGES – hence the Work to be Done            37

1) Energy Costs      2)  A more Local Distribution System   

3) Storage Costs and Variable Pricing      4)  Transportation Changes   


5. The “SPECIAL PERIOD” details and OTHER METHODS            44

1) The “Special Period” System      2)  Free Enterprise Methods and Who Pays?    

3) The Period Length?   



1) The Scenario      2)  The Form      3)  Checking for Inconsistencies


7. The NATURE OF A SHORT PERIOD (i.e. an emergency period            70

1) Essential and Non-essential Jobs      2)  The Basic Rules      3)  A Village Structure?



1) We always accept the Easiest Path      2)   Our five Serious Current Problems

3) How Our Problems Grow and Evolve      4)  Solving these Problems in One Go


9. SUMMARY            97




A. A SAFE VILLAGE GOVERNMENTAL ELEMENT – Should Disaster Strike            100



1) Our three Current Measures      2)  Equality Measures      3)  Freedom Measures  

4) Democracy Measures      5)  Variety       6)  Summary



1) Some Far Distant Facts      2)  Step-by-Step into the Future   

3) Our Future ought to be – “Our Purpose in Life”


From these contents, you will see that chapter 8 and my three appendices all deal with other very general problems associated with human civilized life. This is because this “Special Period” can solve these problems as well. So this “Special Period” is a very important concept. The concept is analogous to the “Jubilee Year” idea, which was suggested in the Bible. (In chapter 8 I give a diagram on “How Problems Grow and Evolve”. This is very important because it shows how all our problems gradually get worse.)



This picture shows that in this work I do explain how all my

various diagrams are derived.

Please now click on “A Special Period to stop Climate Change - book”(pdf) if you wish have a look at the book. If you wish to read the book seriously, it is best to get a hardcopy book from me (or down load it yourself and print it).































Because this "Special Period" concept is so important I include all the details. These are included in all these following webpages.

         “A Special Period”.
All people will receive the Necessities of Life", “All people will receive Employment”, “All Costs will be paid by Taxes on all Luxuries”, “The Rich will be prevented from getting Richer”, “The Poor will be protected from getting Poorer”, “Practicality and Spare Time”.        


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