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A Special Period


In the developed world we, in general, have enjoyed peace and prosperity over the past 60 years. And most people expect this prosperity to continue. But, if you look further back in history, you will immediately see that continuous prosperity is very rare. The world has suffered extreme catastrophes (earthquakes, volcano eruptions and weather changes), plagues, epidemics, man made disasters (depressions, tyrants and land degradation) and wars (the worst of all) quite regularly. These disasters are horrible.
            When such disasters occur, life cannot continue to go on in its normal happy way. Our luxuries must be curbed, our idle people must be employed and our rich people can longer have all the many advantages they normally enjoy. We all accept this and to some degree we will accept that we must institute a “special period”. And most people would accept that we should institute, to some degree, my first three conditions (“All people will receive the Necessities of Life”, “All people will receive Employment”, and “All costs will be payed by Taxes on all Luxuries”) must be brought into operation.
            But most people would feel that my last two conditions (“The Rich will be prevented from getting Richer” and “The Poor will be protected from getting Poorer”) are not necessary. This is the problem what I want to discuss in particular in this webpage.


When real disasters occur, many people’s employment must change quite significantly. So we then have the problem as to - who our new leaders shall be. Of course many people will be loudly proclaiming their credentials for these leadership roles. But how do we know which of these candidates it being honest.
            Now the dishonest candidates will be hoping to make a large amount of money out of these new leadership roles. But my fourth condition (“The Rich will be prevented from getting Richer”) will prevent this happening. If you study this condition carefully you will realise, with this condition, then it is almost impossible to rort the system to your advantage. No leader will be able to become richer to any significant degree. So the people, who support this condition, must be reasonably honest and so they wish to take on this leadership role because they can help the country get through this coming disaster
            So with this condition everyone can feel that they can be safe from dishonest leaders. And my final condition (“The Poor will be protected from getting Poorer”) should be able convince the vulnerable poor people that their saving will also be completely safe.

            So this is why I believe that, if these 5 conditions are in place, then all people in a country should be able to enter a difficult Special Period with no worries about their future during this time.



This diagram explains How Our Problems Evolve

and get Worse”.

So far I have listed many well-known reasons for instituting a “Special Period” to deal with a disaster. But there are also slower and more insidious reasons for needing a Special Period. So I cover these reasons in my webpage   “The Unstable Nature of Life” together with its sub-webpages.
















Unfortunately almost all forms of government (including Capitalism and Communism) have problems, which most people refuse to consider. But a “Special Period” can solve these problems (till they unfortunately evolve again).
            You might think that it is just me, a weirdo, who thinks that there could be a endemic long-term problem associated with civilised government. But this is most definitely not true. The biblical book of Leviticus (in chapter 25) also considers the problem and gives a similar solution.
            The main problem is associated with the accumulation of wealth and power, and, in those days, this accumulation was mostly associated with the ownership of land. The book of Leviticus puts foreword the case that, every 50 years, there should be a “Jubilee” year. And during this year all the lands, which have been bought up by the rich, should be redistributed back to their traditional owners. A Jubilee year is very similar to my Special Period.
            If I was to propose my idea in terms of a Jubilee Year, then I would say that - every 50 years there would be a “Jubilee” year during which my 5 Special Period conditions would apply. Then, during this year, everyone would relax and all people would be treated equally. All people would share the work of doing all the essential tasks of the nation for the year. This year would be like a holiday for everyone with all people doing a different job. At the end of the year, the people of the nation, would appreciate that it is possible to live in a state of equality and safety. Then, from this new position of safety, all people could vote about possible new strong tax laws. And then these new tax laws could bring about a much more egalitarian and healthy nation once again.
            So this is a very similar idea - thus I am not alone in thinking that there could be a long-term problem.



So it is essential that you now read the full details of my 5 conditions contained in my webpages:

All people will receive the Necessities of Life", “All people will receive Employment”, “All Costs will be paid by Taxes on all Luxuries”, “The Rich will be prevented from getting Richer”, “The Poor will be protected from getting Poorer”.

            Then finally you need to check that this Special Period can be enacted in a practical manner, and that it will then provide sufficient spare time for the population to solve the problems, which the nation is trying to solve. This is done in my webpage called Practicality and Spare Time.


I like to save any comic strips I really like and then I stick them on the wall where I eat. (But I lost my older collection, when I had to move because of my accident.) I thought I might show my current collection in this webpage and the associated sub-webpages. I hope you enjoy them.




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