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A Sealed Earth Colony

(500 Inhabitants)

Clearly it is absolutely essential that, before creating a colony in space, we do the same thing on Earth. And so we will. But, having said this, I am limited in what I can write here.
            Firstly these two colonies can't look very similar. Clearly in a small community on Earth, we will live close to our crops. But out in space this won't be the case. We humans need gravity to grow in a healthy fashion. But our crops can live without gravity. So, as it is expensive to generate gravity in space, we humans will live in a gravity area - away from our crops growing without gravity.
            The other problem is explained in my webpage called "An Enclosed Agricultural System". This problem is that we don't know very much, as yet, about how we can live in a sealed environment. We know the problems can be overcome because people have already lived in submarines and at the International Space Station for considerable periods of time. But it is still not yet clear about how to grow our essential food at the same time.

So what I have done here is to draw a diagram of a possible Sealed Earth Colony as best I can. In my webpage on the Internet I will include a further description of this colony. But in this printed version and I don't think this extra writing is worth including.
            So my suggestion is that you just study this picture first. Later you can go to this page on my website and study these further details, if you want. But now it is best for you to move and study my webpage called "A Green Independent Town-State". There are a huge number of facts, which need to be learnt, concerning this much larger community.



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Updated on 10/11/2016.