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A Green Village Community

As you can see in the picture, this community is much larger and more complex than my Green Community was. So it will take several webpages to describe this community. So this webpage is mostly an introduction to the webpages, which will describe the full details of the community.


This community will basically consist of 16 green communities clustering around a village centre. But these 16 communities will certainly not be exactly the same as the Green Communities, which I described in my last webpage.
            The most important difference is that the agriculture in these communities will be covered in. So this means that the water vapour expired by the plants can be recaptured and then recycled. Thus these communities do not need all the water collection areas and dams shown in my Green Community. How all this operation could work is described in my previous "An Enclosed Agricultural System" webpage.

The individual communities, which surround the village centre, I will now call hamlets (to distinguish them from the "Green Communities" of the last webpage). These 16 communities are described in my "Our Hamlets" webpage. In the picture of the village, only the top-left hamlet shows all the details and all the writing. If this picture were copied, then most of this detail would be upside down.


Finally my webpage called "Our Village Centre" describes all the general activities, which must occur at the centre of this community - for the general benefit of all the inhabitants.

I have drawn these villages as squares. This was the easiest way of doing the drawing. It would be slightly better to form these villages as hexagons because this shape has a more circular form and this shape still allows a set of villages to fit together. But I suppose there could be many other be ways of forming these communities.

So please click on my "Our Hamlet" webpage now. (But, if you haven't read my "A Enclosed Agricultural System" webpage already, you must do this first.)


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Updated on 10/11/2016.