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A Green Independent Town-State

This Town-State mostly consists of 62 "Green Village Communities" placed in a square, which is 10 km by 10 km - as you can see in the adjacent picture. So, as you are already familiar with these villages, this makes the description of this state much easier. But even so I will do most of the description of this state in the terms of the webpages of its most obvious elements.
            So this webpage is mostly is just an introduction to the various sub-webpages.



The main item you will wish to learn all about is "Our Town Centre" (where our rockets are built and launched). You can see this centre clearly in the current picture. And you can already see that this centre also contains all the features you would expect of a large town. So you will need to read this webpage carefully.

There is not much point in learning about the town-centre unless you can get there. So my next sub-webpage is "Our Transportation System". This webpage is my pride and joy. I simple love to work out an efficient transport system, which can be built cheaply and easily by its residents. And this transportation system allows all its residents to get to the town centre in less than 10 minutes without having to wait for a vehicle at all. So I think this system is pretty good.

The next three webpages are more difficult. In the current world, money is the incentive, which persuades people to work harder. In this society, the incentive to earn money is much more limited. But there are two other forms of incentive, which help supplement this weakened money incentive.

However firstly I briefly need to describe how our "Money and Finance" system works. Then I must describe "Our Citizenship Incentive System". And then I describe why "Our Recognition Tower" also gives our people a strong incentive to use their free-time well. You will need to study these webpages carefully, if you wish to understand why this society is capable of becoming a very viable entity.

Finally I have a website called "A Related System of Wildlife Parks and States". Because this state is so very efficient in its usage of land, this community can easily afford to buy adjacent land (of the same area as itself) and give this land solely for wildlife to use. But of course people can use this park provided that they don't interfere with the wildlife at all. As you can see on the small preview picture, this system can work very neatly indeed, if other similar communities copy our wonderful example.

So please now click on "Our Town Centre".


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Updated on 10/11/2016.