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A Campaign to form a Green Community

In 2014 I produced a handout designed to persuade people to join me in forming a Green Community. I gave this handout to all the all the people I met, who could be interested in joining me. This handout is shown in the following webpage.


A Campaign to form a Green Community

(which all people can join and which will give equal opportunity to all its members).


This whole project started in 1974 when I joined the Co-ordination Co-operative at Turntable Falls (near Nimbin). But I quickly realized that this community was not sufficiently well organized to form the basis of a viable successful community. So I decided I needed design a good viable community myself.

            For the next 30 years I worked on this subject in general sort of way (see my “Society of Choice). But it was only in 2005 that I spent 3 solid years designing a good Green Community model - which all people could understand. I then produced a book called "Green Living". Many people have read this book and liked it. So now I think I am ready to act.



My website now contains 150 webpages and my 11 books covering this whole subject in many different ways. Thus, in "The Ultimate Ascent" set of webpages, I cover much of the same work as in the “Green Living - book”(pdf) - but in a briefer manner and with many more pictures. So this can be an easier way of starting into this subject.

I am on Facebook and I usually discuss this topic once a week. So, if you ask to be friends with me, then we should gradually be able to form a green community using this public facility as a means of our communication. Later we will obviously find a place where we can all meet and make more detailed plans for our future progress.


To get to my website just Google - "bryden allen" and I have the same name on Facebook.

It is easy to contact me - my email is "brydentallen@gmail.com" and my phone no is 0412 871 544.



On the back of my initial leaflet, I showed all my webpages. But it is easier if you go back to my:“Home Page(which introduces this whole website and lists all my webpages).


As yet there is very little progress to report. A suitable venue to meet would be the Ashfield Bowling Club and this venue could be easily booked. However at the moment I don't have enough people interested in coming. But we do have plenty of time. We all must have patience.


You could now look at my webpage called "Declarations of Interest".


Updated on 9/11/2016.