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This is what I now look like.

As we progress through life, fate deals us out a variety of cards – some good – some bad. From these cards we dream up what we might like to achieve in life. Then from these beginnings, we toil away - meeting with both success and failure as we continue on in life. At least this is what has happened to me. Let me first tell you about my successes.


This picture shows some of my previous activities.

Some of my successes can be seen in the picture on the right. If you click on this, you can learn more about these activities of mine. To learn more about my climbing activities you can also click on a Profile of Bryden Allen”(pdf). (This is an article about me from issue no 67 of Rock - the Australian climbing magazine). If you want to learn about my activities, as shown on the right, please click on: My Activities - picture. I will describe my various failures and problems later. But let me first list all my many webpages and pdfs.


My autobiography has now been written and you can read it. Its name is "Glorious Ambitions"(pdf). And another new book is "My Farewell Message"(pdf).


Below are all the webpages on this website (about 190 of them). The important introductory webpages are shown in bold. But please do not try to read these webpages on a mobile phone. This website is not designed for such cursory usage.


These are my most recent books. “Eight Itemspdf was written 2 years ago.  “Forming Just Communitiespdf  is my major work.   And ”Solving All Our Problemspdf is my next work.            


                         “My Climbing”.
            “My 3 Famous Big First Ascents”.
First Ascent of the Face of Bluff Mountain”, “First Ascent of the Face of Frenchman’s Cap”, “First Ascent of Ball’s Pyramid”.
          “Illegal Ascents of Sydney’s most Iconic Buildings”.
Illegal Ascent of Sydney Central Railway Clock-Tower”, “Illegal Ascent of Sydney Town Hall + Clock-Tower”, “Illegal Direct Ascent of Sydney Harbour Bridge”,  “Illegal Ascent of the Land’s Department + Clock-Tower”, “Illegal Ascent of Centre Point”.
            “First Ascent of Sweet Dreams”, “My Exploits in the Warrumbungles”.
Original Climbing Guide to NSW”, “The Rock-Climbs of NSW, 1963 - book”(pdf).
Four Deaths on the Crags”, "Climbing Days at Lindfield", "A Proposal for a New NSW Climbers Club", "Our_Ascent_of_Ginsberg_on_Bluff_Mountain", "The_Original_Ascent_of_Mt_Banks", "My_Ascent_of_Toyland".


           “Society of Choice” , “Society of Choice - book”(pdf).


           “Green Living”, “Green Living - book”(pdf).

           "Forming Green Communities", "Forming_Green_Communities-LR"(pdf).

"Why Create new Green Communities", "Green Homes", "Green House-Unit Communities", "Green Agriculture", "Green Hamlets - Independent", "Green Hamlets - Integrated", "Green Villages", "Village Centres", "Village Farming Communities", "Green Town-States", "Town Centres", "Green Transport", "States and Wildlife Parks".

           "Members, Meetings, Officers and Voting", "Finance and Remuneration", "Citizenship Levels", "Democratic Levels", "Information and Recognition", "Our Three Incentives", "Education and Welfare", "Free-Time and Clubs", "Capitalism, Globalism and Economic Growth", "Equality, Democracy, Freedom and Variety", "About Being Green", "The Nature of Life is to Expand".
           "A Campaign to form a Green Community", "Declarations of Interest", "My-Email-to-Barack-Obama".

           "Community Games", “Some Simple but Precise Capture Games”, “A Holiday Game in a Wildlife Park”.

        "City-Country Communities", “A Safe Village Governmental Element – Should Disaster Strike”.


                      “A Special Period to stop Climate Change”.
           “A Special Period”.
All people will receive the Necessities of Life", “All people will receive Employment”, “All Costs will be paid by Taxes on all Luxuries”, “The Rich will be prevented from getting Richer”, “The Poor will be protected from getting Poorer”, “Practicality and Spare Time”.

           “A Special Period to stop Climate Change - book”(pdf).
A Letter to the New Scientist", "Three_Challenges_in_Seeing_the_Moon".


                        “Political Fundamentals”.
            “Measures of a Good Society”.
Current Measures – Economic Growth, Wealth, Low Footprint”, “Equality Measures”. “Freedom Measures”, “Democracy Measures”, “Variety Measures”, "A Summary of these Various Measures".
            “Known Mathematical Political Results”, “Pure, Visible Democracy – versus – Current Democracies”, “The Difficulty of Reforming a Society”.
            “The Unstable Nature of Life
A Utopian Period in my Life”, “We always accept the Easiest Path”, “Our five Serious Current Problems”, “How Our Problems Evolve and get Worse”, “Solving All Problems in One Go”.
            “The Degenerate Species”.
             “The Four Fundamental Problems – that Civilization Must Face” .
            “The Far Distant Future and Negativism”.
A Summary of my Political Solutions”, “Equality of Opportunity should be the basis of all Political Forms”, “Helping other Nations in Trouble”.

          Here are some simpler webpages: "All_Our_Problems", "Self-Sufficiency_or_Globalism", "Officers_or_A-Leader", "Economic-Growth_or_Free-Time", "Capitalism_or_Socialism", "Citizenship+Recognition_or_Money", "Selfish_or_A-Saint", "What_is_The-Law", "There_are_Two_Very_Different_Solutions".

                      "The Ultimate Ascent".

           "The 4 Cover Pages", "A Path to Create a Full Space Colony".

           "The Fundamental Problems which we must Overcome".

"The Free-Time our Communities will Generate", "Why we must go Green", "Myself, Safety and Enjoyment". "A_Green_Community", "Our_Homes".

"An Enclosed Agricultural System", "A Sealed Earth Colony".

           "A Green Village Community". "Our Hamlets", "Our Village Centres".

            "A Green Independent Town-State". "Our Town Centre", "Our Transportation System", "Money and Finance", "Our Citizenship Incentive System", "Our Recognition Tower".

"A Related System of Wildlife Parks and States".

"Building and Launching our Rockets", "Initially Starting our Space Colony", "A Full Space Colony". "Long-Term Safety and Human Goals", "A Path to Create a Colony on Mars".

A Path to Create a Space Colony” (pdf).


            “My Novels

Barry and Gwen(pdf) 

Sandstone and Clock-Towers(pdf) 

The Wonder Plant (pdf)
"Our Wonderful Future World"(pdf)

A Simple Love Story(pdf)

My Indian Interlude(pdf)

Piddo and the Bungles(pdf)


             “Bryden’s Inventions”.
 “Quarter Calendar”, “Simple Terrace Homes”, “Carrot Bolt Belay System”,  “A High 3-rope Swing”, “Easy Compact Home Living”, “The Lost Chord”, “More Efficient Road Systems”.
            “A New Easy-to-Use Bedding-Package System”.
Double and Normal Bed packages”, “Easy-to-Use Single Bedding Packages”, “Easy-to-Use, Complete, Temporary, Single Bed”.

            “A New Simple International Language”.
            “A New Simple International Language - book”(pdf).


                        “My Life”.
            “My Cards”, “My Dreams”, “My Dad”.
            “A Better Way to Solve Problems - with Computers”, “Academic Activities”.
             “Scouting”, “Bush-Walking”, “Sports, Games and Running”, “Singing”, “Dancing”, “The Running Set”, “Musical Activities”, "My Books", “Philosophy, Beliefs and Purpose of Life”.

             “My Accident”, “A Time of Suffering”, “Dealing with the Problems of Paraplegia”, “My Advice to Young People”, "Forming a Website like this".

             “Family Photos”,

"Mt Stromlo - 1940-1951", "Mill Hill - 1952-1961", "Stanmore - 1962-1965", "Oxford - 1965-1967", "Epping - 1968-1975", "Glebe - 1975-1982", "Sheffield - 1983-1985", "Stanmore - 1986-1999", "Ashfield - 2000-2016".


This is what I dreamt would be

my master-piece.


Now let me tell you about my big failure. Because of these successes, I decided I could afford to take on a really difficult challenge. This was to design a sane and sensible political system. (I already knew and understood the significance of “Known Mathematical Political Results” - my PhD degree was in an allied field. And my various work experiences had taught me about all the obvious faults in our current systems.)
           I began on this project in 1981, when I had saved enough money to not work for two years. (Over many years I have learnt how to live in a frugal manner.) I then worked on this project for 15 years. So I designed a set of structures and rules, which would give all people - democratic, free and equality-based societies to live and work in. In 1997 then I produced my masterpiece - a large book called “Society of Choice”. (However I don’t advise you to click on this item yet.) But no one would read my book. So this project was a really total failure.
           Thus I returned to climbing to build up my self-esteem again.



This is what I now think to be my most

important piece of work.

At the end in 1999, fate handed out to me a new horrible card - I broke my back in a climbing accident. My glorious climbing activities came to a sudden stop (as well as walking, dancing and many of the other great pleasures of life). But I could still write. So this is what I had to do.
            I soon began to realise that my Society of Choice book was far too ambitious. I had to write books about societies, which are simpler and smaller. Then individual people would feel they could start these societies themselves, and they would benefit from the society they created (together with their children’s families, friends etc). So the world could see these good examples and follow them. Eventually then parts of the world could progress to a better way of living.


The pictures on the right and below show the covers of the two most important books I have written. You can click on either picture and this will lead you to the relevant webpages.


This is the cover of this signifant book.

So in a way this accident was good for me – it forced me to return to the major work of my life. So good old kind generous fate had in fact given me a good card – not a bad card at all.



You can see that each symbol is

visibly comprehensible.


I don’t consider myself to be an inventor. But over my life, I have found I wanted to use something that did not currently exist. So I made the object I wanted myself. So I became an inventor. And one of these inventions has been used extensively for the past 40 years and has probably saved many climbers lives. (This is the object, beneath my feet in my activities picture above, that would prevented me hitting the deck, if I had accidently fallen.)
            Please click on  “Bryden’s Inventions for more details.

            A different form of invention of mine is  “A New Simple International Language, shown on the right. This language is based on a set of 60 visibly understandable, scientific symbols (as in picture). So this language is very easy to learn and read.



You can contact me in all the usual ways:          7/5 Knox St, Ashfield, 2131.

Tel. 0412 871 544
Email -

To get this site,                just Google                  bryden allen

            You can always see (and hear) me performing in the Ashfield Town-hall forecourt every Saturday morning between 11. and 11.30 am. Also I am always at St Peters Climbing Gym on Tuesday nights between 6. and 7. pm. So you can personally talk to me on these occasions. I am also on Facebook and I put a items on these subjects mostly twice a week. I will certainly make you a friend if you contact me. I am also called bryden allen there.
            Please contact me and help me to circulate this message of equality of opportunity to our current very unequal world.


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